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Skype 1.21.115 for Web

The application for browser Skype for Web has been updated to the new version at number 1.21.115. And as sometimes happens with new releases, details are unknown.

Skype 1.21.115 for Web

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Skype version:


Release date:

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype 1.21.115 for Web. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Web, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings accessibility_me_expandProfile:
= Expand profile
Strings poll_message_goto_text:
= Go to {fallbackLink} to vote.
Strings poll_fallback_link_text:
= Skype for Web
Strings invite_free_textarea_waiting_for_reply:
= Waiting for a reply…
= Waiting for a reply...
Strings invite_free_message_received:
= {displayName} sent you a message
= <strong>{displayName}</strong> sent you a message
Strings invite_free_message_received_location:
= {displayName} sent you a message from {location}
= <strong>{displayName}</strong> sent you a message from {location}
Strings credit_balance_text:
= Your Skype Credit
Strings pstn_emergency_notice_text:
= Skype for Web (Beta) is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling.
Strings hearts_loved_by:
= Loved by {list}
= {list}
Strings hearts_list_title:
= Liked by ({count})
Strings hearts_me_text:
= You
Strings hearts_like_byMeOnly:
= You like this
Strings hearts_like_byOne:
= {participantName} likes this
Strings hearts_like_byFew:
= {participantFirst}{list} and {participantLast} like this
Strings hearts_like_byMany:
= {participantlist} and <span>{count}&nbsp;others</span> like this
Strings hearts_notification_messageGroup:
= {participantName} likes your message {messageText}
Strings hearts_notification_messageConv:
= likes your message {messageText}
Strings hearts_notification_photoGroup:
= {participantName} likes your photo
Strings hearts_notification_photoConv:
= likes your photo
Strings hearts_notification_fileGroup:
= {participantName} likes your file
Strings hearts_notification_fileConv:
= likes your file
Strings hearts_notification_documentGroup:
= {participantName} likes your document
Strings hearts_notification_documentConv:
= likes your document
Strings hearts_notification_videoMessageGroup:
= {participantName} likes your video message
Strings hearts_notification_videoMessageConv:
= likes your video message
Strings hearts_notification_urlGroup:
= {participantName} likes your url
Strings hearts_notification_urlConv:
= likes your url
Strings hearts_notification_youTubeGroup:
= {participantName} likes your youtube video
Strings hearts_notification_youTubeConv:
= likes your youtube video
Strings hearts_accessibility_like:
= Like message
Strings hearts_accessibility_unlike:
= Unlike message
Strings emoticon_smile:
= Smile
Strings emoticon_sad:
= Sad
Strings emoticon_laugh:
= Laugh
Strings emoticon_cool:
= Cool
Strings emoticon_surprised:
= Surprised
Strings emoticon_wink:
= Wink
Strings emoticon_cry:
= Crying
Strings emoticon_sweat:
= Sweating
Strings emoticon_speechless:
= Speechless
Strings emoticon_kiss:
= Kiss
Strings emoticon_tongueout:
= Cheeky
Strings emoticon_blush:
= Blushing
Strings emoticon_wonder:
= Wondering
Strings emoticon_sleepy:
= Sleepy
Strings emoticon_dull:
= Dull
Strings emoticon_inlove:
= In love
Strings emoticon_eg:
= Evil grin
Strings emoticon_fingerscrossed:
= Fingers crossed
Strings emoticon_yawn:
= Yawn
Strings emoticon_puke:
= Vomiting
Strings emoticon_doh:
= Doh
Strings emoticon_angry:
= angry
Strings emoticon_wasntme:
= It wasn't me!
Strings emoticon_party:
= Party
Strings emoticon_worry:
= Worried
Strings emoticon_mmm:
= Mmmmm...
Strings emoticon_nerdy:
= Nerdy
Strings emoticon_lipssealed:
= My lips are sealed
Strings emoticon_hi:
= Hi
Strings emoticon_facepalm:
= Facepalm
Strings emoticon_devil:
= Devil
Strings emoticon_angel:
= Angel
Strings emoticon_envy:
= Envy
Strings emoticon_wait:
= Wait
Strings emoticon_hug:
= Hug
Strings emoticon_makeup:
= Make-up
Strings emoticon_giggle:
= Giggle
Strings emoticon_clap:
= Clapping
Strings emoticon_think:
= Thinking
Strings emoticon_bow:
= Bowing
Strings emoticon_rofl:
= Rolling on the floor laughing
Strings emoticon_whew:
= Relieved
Strings emoticon_happy:
= Happy
Strings emoticon_smirk:
= Smirking
Strings emoticon_nod:
= Nodding
Strings emoticon_shake:
= Shake
Strings emoticon_waiting:
= Waiting
Strings emoticon_emo:
= Emo
Strings emoticon_yes:
= Yes
Strings emoticon_no:
= No
Strings emoticon_handshake:
= Handshake
Strings emoticon_highfive:
= High five
Strings emoticon_heart:
= Heart
Strings emoticon_lalala:
= Lalala
Strings emoticon_heidy:
= Heidy
Strings emoticon_flower:
= Flower
Strings emoticon_rain:
= Raining
Strings emoticon_sun:
= Sun
Strings emoticon_tumbleweed:
= Tumbleweed
Strings emoticon_music:
= Music
Strings emoticon_bandit:
= Bandit
Strings emoticon_tmi:
= Too much information
Strings emoticon_coffee:
= Coffee
Strings emoticon_pizza:
= Pizza
Strings emoticon_cash:
= Cash
Strings emoticon_cake:
= Cake
Strings emoticon_beer:
= Beer
Strings emoticon_drink:
= Drink
Strings emoticon_dance:
= Dancing
Strings emoticon_ninja:
= Ninja
Strings emoticon_star:
= Star
Strings emoticon_headbang:
= Banging head on wall
Strings emoticon_swear:
= Swearing
Strings emoticon_drunk:
= Drunk
Strings emoticon_poolparty:
= Pool party
Strings emoticon_rock:
= Rock
Strings emoticon_smoke:
= Smoking
Strings emoticon_bug:
= Bug
Strings emoticon_toivo:
= Toivo
Strings emoticon_wfh:
= Working from home
Strings emoticon_priidu:
= Priidu
Strings emoticon_mail:
= You have mail
Strings emoticon_time:
= Time
Strings emoticon_movie:
= Movie
Strings emoticon_phone:
= Phone
Strings emoticon_talk:
= Talking
Strings emoticon_call:
= Call
Strings emoticon_punch:
= Punch
Strings emoticon_skype:
= Skype
Strings emoticon_brokenheart:
= Broken heart
Strings emoticon_mooning:
= Mooning
Strings emoticon_oliver:
= Oliver
Strings emoticon_bertlett:
= Bartlett
Strings emoticon_mlt:
= Malthe
Strings emoticon_taur:
= Tauri
Strings emoticon_talktothehand:
= Talk to the hand
Strings emoticon_idea:
= Idea
Strings emoticon_sheep:
= Sheep
Strings emoticon_cat:
= Cat
Strings emoticon_bike:
= Bicycle
Strings emoticon_dog:
= Dog
Strings emoticon_camera:
= Camera
Strings emoticon_canyoutalk:
= Can you talk?
Strings emoticon_car:
= Car
Strings emoticon_computer:
= Computer
Strings emoticon_confidential:
= Confidential
Strings emoticon_woman:
= Woman
Strings emoticon_games:
= Games
Strings emoticon_gift:
= Gift
Strings emoticon_goodluck:
= Good luck
Strings emoticon_gottarun:
= Got to run
Strings emoticon_holdon:
= Hold on
Strings emoticon_island:
= Island
Strings emoticon_letsmeet:
= Let's meet
Strings emoticon_man:
= Man
Strings emoticon_plane:
= Plane
Strings emoticon_rainbow:
= Rainbow
Strings emoticon_snail:
= Snail
Strings emoticon_stop:
= Stop
Strings emoticon_umbrella:
= Umbrella
Strings emoticon_whatsgoingon:
= What's going on?
Strings emoticon_muscle:
= Muscle
Strings poll_message_legacy_text:
= A new poll: {pollQuestion}<br/><br/>Go to {deepLink} to vote.
Strings poll_deep_link_text:
= Skype for Web

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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