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In Play Market has been updated free application Skype for Android, which, according to the list of changes, can save in your phone gallery recorded or received video messages. Also, from the gallery of the phone you can now share your photos in a group chat.

Another change in Skype for Android, concerns the ability to manage chats. Now, on the Recents events tab, you can display the toolbar long tap on the contact or chat. This toolbar will allow you to delete, mark as read, or disable notifications.

Skype for Android

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

New Save video messages to phone’s photo gallery
New Send photos from the gallery in a group chat
Tuned Delete, mark as read, or disable notifications
Strings acc_action_playback_moji:
= Playback Moji
Strings acc_action_share_moji:
= Share Moji
Strings acc_add_emoticon_or_moji:
= Add emoticon or moji
Strings acc_cfs_label_sent_file:
= Sent a file. Double tap to open
Strings acc_selected_items:
= %d selected
Strings acc_show_keyboard:
= Show keyboard
Strings action_mark_selected_read:
= Marked the selected chats as read
Strings action_mute_selected_chats:
= Muted the selected chats
Strings action_retry:
= Retry
Strings action_schedule_a_meeting:
= Schedule a meeting
= Schedule call
Strings action_unmute_selected_chats:
= Unmuted the selected chats
Strings banner_snooze_notification:
= Snoozed until %s, tap to turn off.
Strings banner_snooze_notification_without_cta:
= Snoozed until %s.
Strings button_snooze:
= Snooze
Strings dialog_button_set:
= Set
Strings dialog_snooze_everything:
= Snooze
Strings dialog_snooze_message:
= Snooze messages
Strings label_allow_direct_connections:
= Direct connections only
Strings label_allow_direct_connections_desc:
= 'When you enable direct connections only, your IP address will be kept hidden when you call people who aren't on your people list. This may delay your call setup time.'
Strings label_delete_conversation:
= Delete
Strings label_hearts_loved_your_file:
= Liked your file
Strings label_hearts_loved_your_location:
= Liked your location
Strings label_hearts_loved_your_message:
= Liked your message
Strings label_hearts_loved_your_message_details:
= Liked your message: %1$s
Strings label_hearts_loved_your_moji:
= Liked your Moji
Strings label_hearts_loved_your_photo:
= Liked your photo
Strings label_hearts_loved_your_video_message:
= Liked your video message
Strings label_hide_conversation:
= Hide
Strings message_allow_direct_connections_disabled:
= Direct connections only
Strings message_allow_direct_connections_enabled:
= Allow direct connections
Strings message_cfs_download_failed:
= There was a problem receiving this file.
Strings message_cfs_download_failed_expired:
= This file is no longer available.
Strings message_cfs_download_failed_malware:
= Cannot download, virus detected.
Strings message_cfs_download_failed_restart:
= Restart
Strings message_cfs_download_failed_unsafe:
= This file could potentially be unsafe.
Strings message_cfs_download_no_internet:
= Waiting for internet connection...
Strings message_cfs_upload_failed:
= There was a problem sending this file.
Strings message_cfs_upload_failed_malware:
= Not sent - Virus detected.
Strings message_cfs_upload_failed_no_internet:
= Waiting for internet connection...
Strings message_cfs_upload_failed_too_big:
= Not sent - File is larger than %s.
Strings message_cfs_upload_scanning:
= Checking for viruses...
Strings message_cfs_upload_sent:
= Sent
Strings message_cfs_upload_unsafe:
= Sent a potentially unsafe file.
Strings message_cfs_upload_waiting:
= Waiting for internet connection...
Strings message_problem_receiving_file:
= There was a problem receiving this file.
Strings message_problem_receiving_no_internet:
= Not received - Waiting for internet connection...
Strings message_problem_sending_no_internet:
= Not sent - Waiting for internet connection...
Strings message_problem_sending_video:
= There was a problem sending this video.
Strings text_app_not_installed_description:
= To open this file, get the Microsoft %s app from the Google Play Store.
Strings text_app_not_installed_go_to_store:
= Get %s
Strings text_app_title_excel:
= Excel
Strings text_app_title_power_point:
= Power Point
Strings text_app_title_word:
= Word
Strings text_cfs_learn_more_expired:
= Expired File
Strings text_cfs_learn_more_info:
= Shared files are removed from Skype after %s. To keep a file for longer, be sure to save it to your computer.
Strings text_video_message_not_available:
= This video is no longer available
Strings key_allow_direct_connections:
= allowDirectConnections
Strings action_leave_conversation:
= Leave chat
Strings action_remove_from_history_message:
= Are you sure you want to remove this chat from recent?
Strings header_remove_from_history:
= Remove from recent?
Strings heart_people_loved_this:
= %s loved this
Strings heart_you_loved_this:
= You loved this
Strings label_hearts_loved_by:
= Loved by %d
Strings message_retry_photo_sharing:
= Retry
Strings text_outlook_not_installed_go_to_store:
= Get Outlook

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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