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Skype for Android

The new version of the free application Skype for Android is available for download from the Play Store. However, nothing is known about Skype for Android — the official site said only about "general fixes".

Skype for Android

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Fixed General fixes
Strings action_search_picker_emoticons_only:
= Search for emoticons
Strings link_ngc_upgrade_hint:
= Find out more at <a href=''></a>
Strings text_list_and_clause:
= %1$s and %2$s
Strings text_list_comma_delimited_clause:
= , %1$s
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_app_name_fallback:
= This app
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_message:
= Would you like to send an anonymous report so we can fix the problem?
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_negative_button:
= 'Don't Send'
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_neutral_button:
= Always Send
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_positive_button:
= Send Report
Strings hockeyapp_crash_dialog_title:
= %s Unexpectedly Quit
Strings hockeyapp_dialog_error_message:
= An error has occurred
Strings hockeyapp_dialog_error_title:
= Error
Strings hockeyapp_dialog_negative_button:
= Cancel
Strings hockeyapp_dialog_positive_button:
= OK
Strings hockeyapp_download_failed_dialog_message:
= The update could not be downloaded. Would you like to try again?
Strings hockeyapp_download_failed_dialog_negative_button:
= Cancel
Strings hockeyapp_download_failed_dialog_positive_button:
= Retry
Strings hockeyapp_download_failed_dialog_title:
= Download Failed
Strings hockeyapp_error_no_network_message:
= Your device is not connected to the internet. Please resolve connectivity issues and try again.
Strings hockeyapp_expiry_info_text:
= %s has expired. Please check HockeyApp for any updates.
Strings hockeyapp_expiry_info_title:
= Build Expired
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_attach_file:
= Attach File
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_attach_picture:
= Attach Picture
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_attachment_button_text:
= Add Attachment
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_attachment_error:
= Error
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_attachment_loading:
= Loading…
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_email_hint:
= Email
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_failed_text:
= Would you like to send your feedback again?
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_failed_title:
= Pending
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_generic_error:
= An error has occurred
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_last_updated_text:
= Last Updated:
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_max_attachments_allowed:
= Only %s attachments allowed.
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_message_hint:
= Message
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_name_hint:
= Name
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_refresh_button_text:
= Refresh
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_response_button_text:
= Add a Response
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_select_file:
= Select File
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_select_picture:
= Select Picture
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_send_button_text:
= Send Feedback
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_send_generic_error:
= 'Message couldn't be posted. Please check your input values and your connection, then try again.'
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_send_network_error:
= No response from server. Please check your connection, then try again.
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_subject_hint:
= Subject
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_title:
= Feedback
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_validate_email_empty:
= Please enter an email address
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_validate_email_error:
= Please enter a name
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_validate_name_error:
= Please enter a feedback text
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_validate_subject_error:
= Please enter a subject
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_validate_text_error:
= 'Message couldn't be posted. Please check the format of your email address.'
Strings hockeyapp_login_email_hint:
= Email
Strings hockeyapp_login_headline_text:
= 'Please enter your HockeyApp account's email address and password to authorize access to this app.'
Strings hockeyapp_login_login_button_text:
= Login
Strings hockeyapp_login_missing_credentials_toast:
= Please fill in the missing account credentials.
Strings hockeyapp_login_password_hint:
= Password
Strings hockeyapp_paint_dialog_message:
= Do you want to save your drawings?
Strings hockeyapp_paint_dialog_negative_button:
= Discard
Strings hockeyapp_paint_dialog_neutral_button:
= Cancel
Strings hockeyapp_paint_dialog_positive_button:
= Save
Strings hockeyapp_paint_indicator_toast:
= Draw something!
Strings hockeyapp_paint_menu_clear:
= Clear
Strings hockeyapp_paint_menu_save:
= Save
Strings hockeyapp_paint_menu_undo:
= Undo
Strings hockeyapp_permission_dialog_negative_button:
= Cancel
Strings hockeyapp_permission_dialog_positive_button:
= Retry
Strings hockeyapp_permission_update_message:
= In order to download and install app updates you will have to allow the app to access your device storage.
Strings hockeyapp_permission_update_title:
= Need storage access
Strings hockeyapp_update_button:
= Update
Strings hockeyapp_update_dialog_message:
= Show information about the new update?
Strings hockeyapp_update_dialog_negative_button:
= Ignore
Strings hockeyapp_update_dialog_positive_button:
= Show
Strings hockeyapp_update_dialog_title:
= Update Available
Strings hockeyapp_update_mandatory_toast:
= %s is available and is a mandatory update!
Strings key_enable_materialTablet:
= enableMaterialDesignOnTablet
Strings label_chat_invitations:
= Chat invitations
Strings accessibility_update_button:
= Update App
Strings crash_dialog_message:
= The app found information about previous crashes. Would you like to send this data to the developer?
Strings crash_dialog_negative_button:
= Dismiss
Strings crash_dialog_positive_button:
= Send
Strings crash_dialog_title:
= Crash Data
Strings download_failed_dialog_message:
= The update could not be downloaded. Would you like to try again?
Strings download_failed_dialog_negative_button:
= Cancel
Strings download_failed_dialog_positive_button:
= Retry
Strings download_failed_dialog_title:
= Download Failed
Strings update_dialog_message:
= Show information about the new update?
Strings update_dialog_negative_button:
= Dismiss
Strings update_dialog_positive_button:
= Show
Strings update_dialog_title:
= Update Available
Strings update_mandatory_toast:
= Please install the latest version to continue to use this app.

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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