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Skype for Windows Desktop

Today the Skype for Windows Desktop has been updated to version, and despite the fact that this is a minor release, some of the innovations may be attributed to the major version. For the most part, the changes relate to the user interface, in particular to the configuration and design of the chat. Also, the Skype for Windows Desktop makes it easier to access your profile, change the mood status, find contacts and new friends.

In addition, with the new Skype release the list of your favorite contacts is stored not only locally on the computer, but also on the Skype server. Thus, when running Skype on other devices or after reinstalling the operating system, favorite list will be loaded automatically.

Skype for Windows Desktop

File size:

42.5 MB

Operating system:

Windows Desktop

Skype version:

Release date:

Total downloads:

4 806


The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Windows Desktop. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Windows Desktop, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Tuned Open chat in a compact view
Tuned Enable or disable big emoticons
Tuned Added option "Compact sidebar view"
Tuned Show only conversations with unread messages
Improved Easier access to your profile and mood status
New Synchronization of the list of favorite contacts
Improved Simplified search experience
Fixed Other bug fixes

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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