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Has been released another one version of the free application Skype for Android, which is already available on the Google Play Store. The only visible changes relate to group chats: firstly, the participant count in a call no longer includes yourself (in line with other Skype versions for another operating systems), and secondly — will be shown a message when someone leave a group video call to confirm they’ve left.

Skype for Android

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Changed The participant count in a call no longer includes yourself
Tuned Display message when someone leave a group video call to confirm they’ve left
Strings message_cfs_upload_failed_too_big:
= Not sent - File is larger than %s.
= Not sent - File is larger than %s. <a href=>Learn more</a>
Strings acc_add_bots_screen_label:
= Add bots screen, find bots on Skype
Strings acc_find_bots_by_name_place_holder:
= Find bots by name. Search results appear here.
Strings acc_search_bots_default_text:
= Search to add bots, edit box
Strings action_save_bug_report_locally:
= Save Locally
Strings action_send_bug_report:
= Send Report
Strings action_show_bug_report_dialog:
= Bug Report
Strings bot_interstitial_screen_privacy_message:
= This bot will receive your skype ID and content you share directly or in a group
Strings fab_menu_invite_friends:
= Invite friends
Strings header_search_bots:
= Find bots on Skype
Strings header_sns_bug_report_dialog:
= Report Bug
Strings header_sns_debug_report_dialog:
= Save Debug Info
Strings key_category_ui_toolkit:
= categoryUIToolkit
Strings key_ui_toolkit_showcase:
= uiToolkitShowcase
Strings label_cqf_audio_heading:
= Audio
Strings label_cqf_video_heading:
= Video
Strings label_translator_language_not_selection:
= Please select both languages
Strings message_bot_not_deleted:
= Cannot delete %1$s. Try again later.
Strings message_participant_joined_call:
= %1$s joined
Strings message_participant_left_call:
= %1$s left
Strings message_search_results_bots_place_holder_tablet:
= Find bots by name
Strings message_sns_debug_dialog_message:
= Choose what to do with screenshot and logs.
Strings message_toast_area_not_selected:
= Please select an area for your bug report
Strings message_toast_bug_report_failed_to_send:
= Report failed to send; please try again.
Strings message_toast_bug_report_sent:
= Report has been sent.
Strings message_toast_failed_to_send_logs:
= Logs failed to upload. Please try again.
Strings message_toast_gathering_logs:
= Gathering log files...
Strings message_toast_logs_failed_to_save:
= No files created...Something went wrong
Strings message_toast_logs_location_saved:
= Screenshot and logs saved to:
Strings message_toast_logs_sent:
= Logs have been sent
Strings message_toast_send_wifi_checked:
= Wi-Fi is required to send report per selection
Strings message_toast_sending_bug_report:
= Sending Report...
Strings message_toast_uploading_logs:
= Uploading Logs...
Strings open_with_office_prefix:
= market://details?id=
Strings text_bots_preview_header_filter:
= Bots preview
Strings text_hint_search_bot:
= Search by name
Strings text_media_store_fail_loaded:
= Oops, something went wrong. Please try again.
Strings text_media_store_packs_loading_empty:
= Loading...
Strings text_media_store_tab_fail_download:
= Unable to download tab, please try again later.
Strings text_off_network_contact_by_email:
= Invite them to chat on Skype by sending a link via email
Strings text_off_network_contact_by_sms:
= Invite them to chat on Skype by sending a link via SMS
Strings text_off_network_invite_sms_disclaimer:
= Standard SMS rates may apply
Strings text_off_network_invite_text:
= Hi, lets chat on Skype
Strings message_off_network_invite_sms_disclaimer:
= Standard SMS rates may apply.
Strings message_participant_added_to_call:
= %1$s was added to the call.
Strings fab_menu_invitefriends:
= Invite friends
Strings text_media_store_tab_fail_load:
= Ooops, Fail to load mojis in this tab
Strings text_media_store_tabs_fail_load:
= Ooops, Fail to load tabs. Please try again later!

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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