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Skype for Android

The new version of Skype for Android numbered fixes bug due to which application reject passwords longer than 20 characters.

Skype for Android

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Fixed Accepts passwords longer than 20 characters
Strings bot_interstitial_screen_privacy_message:
= This bot will have access to your Display Name, Skype Name, and any chat messages or content that you or other group participants share with it.
= This bot will have access to your Display Name, Skype Name and any chat messages or content that you or other group participants share with it.<br/><br/>%1$s<br/>%2$s
Strings bot_privacy_statement:
= <a href='%s'>Privacy Statement</a>
Strings bot_terms_of_service:
= <a href='%s'>Terms of Service</a>
Strings message_option_chat_history_closed:
= Conversation history was closed by %1s
Strings message_option_chat_history_disclosed:
= Conversation history was disclosed by %1s
Strings message_option_chat_join_link_disabled:
= %1s disabled joining this conversation
Strings message_option_chat_join_link_enabled:
= %1s enabled joining this conversation
Strings text_join_skype_start_communication:
= Join me on Skype so we can instant message and video call each other for free. Get Skype here: %1$s
= Join me on Skype so we can IM and call each other for free. Get Skype: %1$s
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_distorted:
= Speech was not natural or sounded distorted
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_dropped:
= The call ended unexpectedly
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_echo:
= I heard echo in the call
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_interrupted:
= We kept interrupting each other
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_low_sound:
= Volume was low
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_no_sound_local:
= I could not hear any sound
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_no_sound_remote:
= The other side could not hear any sound
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_noise:
= I heard noise in the call
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_other:
= Other, please specify
Strings cqf_label_audio_token_pstn_dialpad:
= Dial pad tones did not work
Strings cqf_label_video_token_freezing:
= Video kept freezing
Strings cqf_label_video_token_low_quality:
= Image quality was poor
Strings cqf_label_video_token_no_audio_sync:
= Video was ahead or behind audio
Strings cqf_label_video_token_no_video_local:
= I could not see any video
Strings cqf_label_video_token_no_video_remote:
= The other side could not see my video
Strings cqf_label_video_token_other:
= Other, please specify
Strings cqf_label_video_token_other_side_too_dark:
= The other side was too dark
Strings cqf_label_video_token_stopped_unexpectedly:
= Video stopped unexpectedly
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_distorted:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.quality.distorted&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_dropped:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.dropped&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_echo:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.quality.echo&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_interrupted:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.quality.delay&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_low_sound:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.quality.volume&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_no_sound_local:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.nolocal&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_no_sound_remote:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.noremote&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_noise:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.quality.noise&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_other:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.other&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_audio_token_pstn_dialpad:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=audio.quality.dialpad&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_video_token_freezing:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=video.quality.freezing&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_video_token_low_quality:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=video.quality.poor&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_video_token_no_audio_sync:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=video.quality.sync&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_video_token_no_video_local:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=video.nolocal&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_video_token_no_video_remote:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=video.noremote&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_video_token_other:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=video.other&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_video_token_other_side_too_dark:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=video.quality.dark&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings cqf_uri_video_token_stopped_unexpectedly:
= skype:?cqg&amp;target=video.dropped&amp;ui_entrypoint=cqf
Strings key_reset_group_video_calling_overlays:
= resetGroupVideoCallingOverlays
Strings message_add_friends_automatically:
= Automatically add friends
Strings message_add_friends_manually:
= Manually add friends
Strings message_cqf_tell_us:
= 'Tell us about any audio or video issues you experienced. We'll use the feedback to improve Skype.'
Strings text_media_store_no_search_results:
= No results found. Please try again
Strings url_invite_download_link:
Strings acc_hearts_like_this:
= Like
Strings acc_hearts_unlike_this:
= You like this message. Unlike
Strings acc_one_person_likes_this:
= 1 person likes this message. Like
Strings acc_x_people_like_this:
= %1$d people like this message. Like
Strings label_hearts_dialog_title:
= Likes (%1$d)
Strings label_hearts_like_this:
= %1$s like this
Strings label_hearts_likes_this:
= %1$s likes this
Strings label_notifications_off:
= off
Strings label_notifications_on:
= on
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_audio_message:
= Liked your audio message
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_audio_message_detail:
= %1$s liked your audio message
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_file:
= Liked your file
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_file_detail:
= %1$s liked your file
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_location:
= Liked your location
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_location_detail:
= %1$s liked your location
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_message:
= Liked your message: '%1$s'
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_message_detail:
= %1$s liked your message '%2$s'
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_moji:
= Liked your Moji
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_moji_detail:
= %1$s liked your Moji
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_photo:
= Liked your photo
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_photo_detail:
= %1$s liked your photo
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_video_message:
= Liked your video message
Strings notification_hearts_loved_your_video_message_detail:
= %1$s liked your video message
Strings notification_hearts_new_like_received:
= New like received

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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