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Has been released next release of the Skype for Windows, which like most minor releases become available on the official website without any announcements or details about the changelog. The only thing that I know about this release is the fact that in the Skype for Windows was fixed the error "We are having problems connecting to the download server", which occurs if installer is launched on Windows XP and Vista…
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    Dempa (karma: +10),
    This seems to be the last version of Skype which doesn't crash with the Radeon R7 200 series graphics card. Testing it with R7 270 (non-X version)
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      Administrator (karma: +1194),
      Hi! As I understand, the newer versions like do not work on your system? Can you share please more details about this bug? What's your operating system, which events occur on Event Viewer, what’s the error message/code, when Skype crashes (at start, on call or something else)?
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        Dempa (karma: +10),
        The newer versions "work" on my system, but when I turn on my cam, after a couple of minutes Skype will almost always crash. When it crashes, Windows will usually pop up a bubble in the taskbar telling me that I can change my theme to improve performance. This is a known bug to the Skype developers, they said it's a problem with R7 200 series! It doesn't happen on this Skype version however.

        I think it has something to do with when the cam switches resolution or something, because it seems to happen mostly when the connection starts going bad. I really hope they fix this soon.

        Anyway, my system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, AMD Phenom II X4 955, Radeon R7 270, 8 GB RAM.
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          Administrator (karma: +1194),
          It seems there are only two known workarounds of the problem: using and old version of Skype and rollback graphics drivers. But how about webcam drivers? Did you try to update or roll them back?
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            Dempa (karma: +10),
            I tried rolling back the graphics drivers to some previous version that was recommended on a Skype forum. They said it'd probably work, but it did NOT work for me!

            My webcam is LifeCam HD-3000 and I had the latest drivers. I like to keep my stuff updated. Crashing. Then I tried using Windows own generic webcam driver...still crashing.

            The only thing that made the crashing stop for me was using an older Skype version!
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              Administrator (karma: +1194),
              Then, doubt if I can somehow help you. The only thing that I would like to check is DxDiag report. If you don't mind send me this report, save DxDiag.txt file according to diagnosing instructions, upload it to and tell me your ID.
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                Dempa (karma: +10),
                That's fine, it was more of an announcement to other users than a plea for help :) Thanks
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                  Administrator (karma: +1194),
                  I would be glad if I could help, but unfortunately, this is beyond my abilities. If that’s not too much trouble for you, please let me know when the problem will be fixed or if you’ll find a better workaround rather than using this version of Skype.

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