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A new version of the new Skype for Windows was released, which slightly improves the interface of the settings section (for example, added graphic icons). Also, I noticed that in Skype for Windows a new option appeared in the privacy section: Share location with Bing (according to a hint, this is necessary to improve your Skype and Bing search results).

Skype for Windows

File size:

56.4 MB

Operating system:

Windows 7/8/10

Skype version:

Release date:

Total downloads:

1 754


The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Windows. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Windows, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Improved Improved settings UI
Tuned Share location with Bing
Files /resources/app.asar [+5996.33KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RTMPLTFM.dll [+456.5KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RtmCodecs.dll [+91.5KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RtmControl.dll [+6KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RtmMediaManager.dll [+51KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RtmPal.dll [+12KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/skypert.dll [+95.5KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/slimcore.node [+602KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/ssScreenVVS2.dll [+21KB]
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourPhoto:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your photo.
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your photo.
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourVideo:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your video.
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your video.
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourAudio:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your audio message.
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your audio message.
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourFile:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your file.
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your file.
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourCall:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your call.
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your call.
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourPost:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your message.
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your message.
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourPostWithContent:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your message:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your message:
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourHighlight:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your Highlight.
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your highlight.
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourLocation:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your location.
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your location.
Strings AlertCard_TwoPeopleReactedToYourSwiftCard:
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your card.
= {firstOtherPerson} and {secondOtherPerson} reacted to your card.
Strings AlertCard_MoreThanTwoPeopleReactedToYourLocation:
= {otherCount, plural, other{{firstOtherPerson} and # others reacted to your location.}}
= {otherCount, plural, other{{firstOtherPerson} and # others reacted to your location.}}
Strings AlertCard_MoreThanTwoPeopleReactedToYourSwiftCard:
= {otherCount, plural, other{{firstOtherPerson} and # others reacted to your card.}}
= {otherCount, plural, other{{firstOtherPerson} and # others reacted to your card.}}
Strings AndroidCallMonitorPermissionsPanel_HeaderText:
= Multitask with Skype
Strings AndroidCallMonitorPermissionsPanel_DescriptionText:
= Keep Skype calls upfront while using other apps. Simply give Skype permission to draw over other apps.
Strings AndroidCallMonitorPermissionsPanel_GrantPermissionButtonTitle:
= Grant Permission
Strings AndroidCallMonitorPermissionsPanel_NotNowButtonTitle:
= Not Now
Strings BalanceStatePanel_Title:
= Skype Credit
= Credit and subscriptions
Strings BalanceStatePanel_CreditSectionLabel:
Strings BalanceStatePanel_ActiveCreditIntro:
= Your Skype Credit
Strings BalanceStatePanel_SubscriptionsTitle:
= Active Subscriptions
Strings BalanceStatePanel_ActiveSubscriptionsTitle:
Strings BalanceStatePanel_GenericSubscriptionDisclaimer:
= Excludes special, premium and non-geographic numbers. A {fairUsagePolicy} applies to unlimited minutes subscriptions. Any Office 365 Personal offers apply to new Office subscribers only.
Strings BalanceStatePanel_FairUsagePolicy:
= fair usage policy
Strings BalanceStatePanel_AtuTitle:
= Auto-recharge
Strings BalanceStatePanel_AtuSubtitle:
= Auto-recharge my credit with {atu_signup_amount} when it falls below {atu_signup_threshold}
Strings BalanceStatePanel_HowToEnableAtu:
= Auto-recharge works with debit/credit cards and e-wallets (online payments).
Strings BalanceStatePanel_HowToRefund:
= Turn off Auto-recharge at any time. Refunds only in accordance with {refundPolicyLink}. Funds can’t be exchanged for cash, except as required by law.
Strings BalanceStatePanel_RefundPolicyLinkUrl:
= Skype's refund policy
Strings BalanceStatePanel_EnableButtonTitle:
= Enable
Strings BalanceStatePanel_DisableButtonTitle:
= Disable
Strings RefundPolicyWebFlow_Title:
= Microsoft Services Agreement
Strings PersonalizedOffersPanel_ViewAll:
= View all subscriptions
Strings OfferCard_O365destinations:
= {count, plural, =1{1 destination} other{# destinations}}
Strings OfferCard_O365included:
= Includes Office 365 Personal
Strings OfferCard_RatePerMinute:
= {price}/min
Strings OfferCard_RatePerMonth:
= per month
Strings CallReactionsBar_EmoticonButtonTitle:
= Send a reaction
= Send reactions
Strings CallReactionsBar_EmoticonButtonShortTitle:
= React
Strings CallReactionsBar_GalleryButtonTitle:
= Gallery
Strings CallPanel_PoorNetworkWarning:
= Poor network connection
Strings ContentPanelHeader_PrivateConversationStatus:
= Private Conversation
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_E2eeInvitationSent:
= You invited {BParty} to the private conversation.
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_E2eeInvitationReceived:
= {AParty} invited you to a private conversation.
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_E2eeInvitationAccepted:
= You accepted the invite to the conversation.
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_E2eeInvitationGotAccepted:
= {BParty} accepted your invite.
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_E2eeInvitationConfirmed:
= Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption.
Strings ContentToDisplayTransformerBase_E2eeInvitationRejected:
= This private conversation has ended.
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChooseProfilePicHeaderText:
= Choose Your Profile Pic
= Choose Your Profile Picture
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChangeProfilePicHeaderText:
= Change Your Profile Pic
= Update Your Profile Picture
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_DescriptionText:
= Add a photo that represents you to further customise how others see you. You can always change this later in Profile > Settings.
= Add a picture that represents you to customise how others see you. You can always change this later in Profile > Settings.
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_DragAndDropMessage:
= You can also drag and drop a photo.
= You can also drag and drop a picture
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_EditActionLabel:
= Edit
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_CropAndSaveHeaderText:
= Crop and Save
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_CropAndSaveDescriptionText:
= Move the image around until you're happy with your new profile picture
Strings ColorThemeDialog_HighContrastThemeTitle:
= Dark theme
= High-contrast theme
Strings ColorThemeDialog_DarkToggleTitleAccessible:
= Dark theme type
Strings ColorThemeDialog_LightToggleTitleAccessible:
= Light theme type
Strings ColorThemeDialog_NextThemeOptionTitle:
= Next theme option
Strings ColorThemeDialog_PreviousThemeOptionTitle:
= Previous theme option
Strings DesktopSearchResultsFilter_All:
= All
Strings DetailsPanelHeader_StartPrivateConversationButtonTitle:
= Start private conversation
Strings E2eeNewConversation_ConversationInvitationTimedOut:
= Private conversation invitation timed out.
Strings E2eeNewConversation_ConversationInvitationFailed:
= Private conversation invitation failed. {reason}
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OutgoingInvitationTitle:
= Invitation sent.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OutgoingInvitationCaption:
= Waiting for {buddy} to accept the invite.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_IncomingInvitationTitle:
= Join private conversation?
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_IncomingInvitationCaption:
= Messages, calls and files sent to this conversation will be end-to-end encrypted.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_PrivateConversationEndedTitle:
= Private conversation ended.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_PrivateConversationEndedCaption:
= Send a new invitation to resume private conversation with {buddy}.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SentAcceptTitle:
= Invitation accepted.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SentAcceptCaption:
= Waiting for {buddy} to join.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_GotAcceptTitle:
= {buddy} accepted your invitation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_GotAcceptCaption:
= Please confirm to start sending messages.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchDeviceTitle:
= Continue on this device?
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchDeviceCaption:
= This device is not part of the conversation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OtherPartySwitchedTitle:
= {buddy} changed device.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OtherPartySwitchedCaption:
= You need to accept the device change to continue the conversation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_DeviceSwitchedTitle:
= Waiting for {buddy} to accept.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_DeviceSwitchedCaption:
= {buddy} needs to accept your device change to continue the conversation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_InvitationExpiredTitle:
= Invitation expired.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_InvitationExpiredCaption:
= Send a new invitation to start the conversation with {buddy}.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_OutgoingInvitationFailedTitle:
= Failed to send the invitation for private conversation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_AcceptanceFailedTitle:
= Failed to accept the invitation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_InviteDeclinationFailedTitle:
= Failed to decline the invitation.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_ConfirmationFailedTitle:
= Failed to confirm the acceptance.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchDeviceFailedTitle:
= Failed to switch the device.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchAcceptanceFailedTitle:
= Failed to accept the device switch.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchDeclinationFailedTitle:
= Failed to decline the device switch.
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_IncomingInvitationButton:
= Accept
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_ConfirmButton:
= Confirm
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_SwitchDeviceButton:
= Continue here
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_DeclineButton:
= Decline
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_InviteAgainButton:
= Invite again
Strings E2eeHandshakeControl_TryAgainButton:
= Try again
Strings Global_OneThreadATime:
= One secure conversation at a time
Strings Global_OneThreadATimeContent:
= Files may only be sent to one secure conversation at a time.
Strings GroupProfilePanel_ChatInvitationsTitle:
= Chat invitations
= Share group via link
Strings GroupProfilePanel_EnableGroupSharingTitle:
= Allow joining via link
Strings Hub_NewPrivateChatLabel:
= New Private Conversation
Strings Hub_NewPrivateChatShortLabel:
= Private Chat
Strings Hub_NewContactShortLabel:
= Invite
Strings InfoPanel_SafeCodeLabel:
= Security Code
Strings InfoPanel_EndConversationLabel:
= End this conversation
Strings InfoPanel_EndConversationDialogTitle:
= Do you want to end this conversation?
Strings InfoPanel_EndConversationDialogBody:
= You will end the private conversation on all devices, but you can resume it later.
Strings InfoPanel_EndConversationFailed:
= Ending conversation failed.
Strings InfoPanel_SafeCodeDialogTitle:
= Security code
Strings InfoPanel_SafeCodeDialogBody:
= Each of your device have unique security code. You can confirm whom your talking with by comparing your codes with each other.
Strings InfoPanel_SafeCodeDialogHeading:
= Security code for you and {recipientName}
Strings InfoPanel_GenericDeleteLabel:
= Delete
Strings InfoPanel_DeleteContactLabel:
= Delete contact
Strings InfoPanel_DeleteContactConfirmationDialogTitle:
= Delete contact
Strings InfoPanel_DeleteContactConfirmationDialogContent:
= Are you sure you want to delete this contact?
Strings LocationPicker_PoweredByBingMapsLabel:
= Powered by Bing Maps
Strings MessageStream_PrivateConversationHeaderFirstLine:
= Your private conversation with {buddy}.
Strings PopCardsList_DismissAllButtonText:
= Close cards or hide cards
= Hide Cards
Strings Onboarding_CoachMarkDesktopChatPlusTitle:
= Share more
Strings Onboarding_CoachMarkDesktopChatPlusLabel1:
= Send GIFs, weather, movies and more.
Strings Onboarding_LandingScreenPersonalizeBody:
= You are unique, why wouldn't your Skype experience be too?
Strings Onboarding_LandingScreenPersonalizeDescription:
= Add your photo and choose your theme.
Strings Onboarding_LandingScreenPersonalizeCallToAction:
= Personalise Skype
Strings Onboarding_LandingScreenCheckAccountTitle:
= Not you?
Strings Onboarding_LandingScreenCheckAccountCallToAction:
= Check account
Strings SearchHint_All:
= Quickly search for people, messages, groups and bots.
Strings SearchHint_AllNoBots:
= Quickly search for people, messages and groups.
Strings SearchHint_People:
= Search for people by name, email, phone number or Skype Name.
Strings SearchHint_Messages:
= Search for messages in your current chat or chat history. Find @mentions and more.
Strings SearchHint_Groups:
= Search for groups you’ve created and have joined.
Strings SearchHint_Bots:
= Search for a bot. Start a conversation with a bot or add them to your chats.
Strings SearchHint_CloseHint:
= Close hint
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ChatNotificationsSecondary:
= Receive push notifications for new messages
Strings UserSettingsPanel_CallNotifications:
= Call notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_CallNotificationsSecondary:
= Receive push notifications for incoming calls
Strings UserSettingsPanel_InAppNotificationsSectionTitleUpper:
Strings UserSettingsPanel_InAppNotificationsSecondary:
= Show banner notifications in Skype when new messages arrive
Strings UserSettingsPanel_InAppSoundsSecondary:
= Play sounds for in-app banner notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_PushNotificationsTitleUpper:
Strings UserSettingsPanel_AndroidNotificationVibration:
= Vibrations
= Vibrate
Strings UserSettingsPanel_AndroidNotificationVibrationSecondary:
= Vibrate device for chat notifications
= Vibrate for new push notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_AndroidNotificationLight:
= Light
Strings UserSettingsPanel_AndroidNotificationLightSecondary:
= Pulse light for chat notifications
= Pulse notification light for new push notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ManageAndroidNotifications:
= Manage Android notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ManageIOSNotifications:
= Manage iOS notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_HighlightsTitleUpper:
Strings UserSettingsPanel_DoNotDisturbTitleUpper:
= {gender, select, female{DO NOT DISTURB} male{DO NOT DISTURB} other{DO NOT DISTURB}}
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ChatNotificationsDuringDNDLabel:
= Show chat notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_CallNotificationsDuringDNDLabel:
= Show call notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ChatNotificationsDuringDNDSecondary:
= {gender, select, female{Receive push and in-app banner notifications while Do Not Disturb is on} male{Receive push and in-app banner notifications while Do Not Disturb is on} other{Receive push and in-app banner notifications while Do Not Disturb is on}}
Strings UserSettingsPanel_CallNotificationsDuringDNDSecondary:
= {gender, select, female{Receive push and in-app call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on} male{Receive push and in-app call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on} other{Receive push and in-app call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on}}
Strings SetConversationParticipantsPanel_NewPrivateChatTitle:
= New Private Conversation
Strings UnansweredCallTitle_NoAnswerGroup:
= It appears nobody is available right now.
= Nobody's around.
Strings UnansweredCallTitle_Decline:
= {name} appears to be busy.
= {name} is unavailable.
Strings UnansweredCallTitle_NetworkError:
= Your Internet connection is too weak to make a call right now.
= Your connection is too weak. Please try again later.
Strings UnansweredCallTitle_NoMicrophonePermission:
= Skype needs access to your microphone to make this call.
= To make this call, Skype needs permission to use your microphone.
Strings UnansweredCallTitle_NoCameraPermission:
= Skype needs access to your camera to make this video call.
= To make this call, Skype needs permission to use your camera.
Strings UnansweredCallTitle_OtherError:
= It looks like something went wrong.
= Oops, something went wrong.
Strings UserPresence_DoNotDisturb:
= Do not disturb
= {gender, select, female{Do not disturb} male{Do not disturb} other{Do not disturb}}
Strings DesktopSearchResultsFilter_BestMatch:
= Best Match
Strings GroupProfilePanel_ShareGroupButtonTitle:
= Share group
Strings Onboarding_CoachMarkDesktopChatGalleryTitle:
= Browse your gallery
Strings Onboarding_CoachMarkDesktopChatGalleryLabel1:
= See media, links and files shared to this chat in one place
Strings UnansweredCallTitle_NoAnswer:
= {name} appears to be away.

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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