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Skype for Android

A new version of Skype for Android has been released. You can install it from the Play Store or download from our blog. As for changes in the Skype for Android, about them nothing is yet known.

Skype for Android

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings AlertsPanel_MarkAllAsReadConfirmation:
= Marked all as read
Strings CallControls_CallButtonAudioLabel:
= Answer call from {conversationName} with voice only
Strings CallControls_CallButtonVideoLabel:
= Answer call from {conversationName} with video
Strings CallControls_CallButtonDeclineLabel:
= Decline
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSpeakerVolumeLabel:
= Change speaker volume
Strings CallControls_CallButtonUnmuteLabel:
= Unmute
Strings CallControls_CallButtonTurnOnVideoLabel:
= Turn video on
Strings CallControls_CallButtonTurnOffVideoLabel:
= Turn video off
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSwitchCameraForwardLabel:
= Switch camera, facing forward
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSwitchCameraBackwardLabel:
= Switch camera, facing backward
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSwitchCameraLabel:
= Camera
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StartClosedCaptioning:
= Start closed captioning
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StopClosedCaptioning:
= Stop closed captioning
Strings CallPanel_NewAudio:
= Switch audio to {deviceName}?
Strings CapturePreview_ReadyToRecord:
= Ready to record...
= Ready to record
Strings ContentPanelHeader_GoLiveTitle:
= Go Live
Strings ContentPanelHeader_GoLiveCoachMarkText:
= Start a call instantly, without ringing everyone in the group.
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_UWPAllowAccessHeaderText:
= Allow Access
Strings E2eeNewConversation_InvitationNotSent:
= Invitation not sent.
Strings E2eeNewConversation_UpgradeNeeded:
= {gender, select, female{{buddy} needs to update to the latest version of Skype to chat in private conversations.} male{{buddy} needs to update to the latest version of Skype to chat in private conversations.} other{{buddy} needs to update to the latest version of Skype to chat in private conversations.}}
Strings FileTransfer_UploadedStatus:
= {fileSize} Upload Complete
Strings HighlightsPanel_SupportedImageTypeText:
= Currently only JPEG images are supported
Strings Hub_NewCellularSmsChatLabel:
= New SMS
Strings JoinLinkCard_InvitePopupAccessibilityTitle:
= Invite people
Strings MediaBar_ExpressionPickerTitle:
= Open Expression picker
Strings MediaBar_ExpressionPickerSelectedTitle:
= Close Expression picker
Strings MediaViewer_SaveSuccess:
= Saved to Downloads folder.
= File saved
Strings MessageComposer_SearchGifsPlaceholder:
= Search GIFs
Strings MixedReality_ShareView:
= Share view
Strings MixedReality_Voice:
= Voice
Strings MixedReality_Message:
= Message
Strings MixedReality_YouSaid:
= {gender, select, female{You said:} male{You said:} other{You said:}}
Strings MixedReality_UserSaid:
= {gender, select, female{{user} said:} male{{user} said:} other{{user} said:}}
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle20:
= Call your mom! (on Skype)
= Mother’s Day is coming up!
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle33:
= Put a smile on mom's face
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle34:
= The perfect Mother's Day gift
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle35:
= Happy Mother’s Day!
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle36:
= The perfect Mother's Day gift
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationTitle37:
= Have you called Mom yet?
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle21:
= See mom smile this Mother's Day with a Skype video call 💕
= Can’t hang out in person? See mom smile over a Skype video call
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle33:
= If you can’t say 'I love you' in person this Mother’s Day, say it face-to-face with Skype 💕
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle34:
= Get the whole family to celebrate together with a group video call on Skype
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle35:
= Tell mom she rocks with a special video message
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle36:
= No one says 'I love you mom' better than you. Call mom today on Skype to make her day extra special.
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle37:
= Say 'I love you' face-to-face with a Skype video call
Strings PesPicker_GifTitle:
= GIFs
Strings PesPicker_GiphyAttribution:
= powered by GIPHY
Strings PesSearch_GifPickerNoResultsSearchText:
= No GIFs found.
Strings QuickCallPanel_AllFilter:
= All
Strings QuickCallPanel_SkypeFilter:
= Skype
Strings QuickCallPanel_PhoneFilter:
= Phone
Strings QuickCallPanel_ViewByMenu:
= View menu
Strings UserSettingsPanel_OtherTitle:
= Other
Strings UserSettingsPanel_HelpAndAboutTitle:
= Help & About
Strings UserSettingsPanel_AccountAndProfileSettingsTitle:
= Account & Profile
Strings UserSettingsPanel_MessagingAndChatsTitle:
= Messaging & Chats
Strings UserSettingsPanel_CallingAndVoiceMailSettingsWindowTitle:
= Calling & Voice Mail
Strings UserSettingsPanel_AudioVideoSettingsTitle:
= Audio & Video
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ManageUsersTitle:
= Manage users
Strings UserSettingsPanel_BlockedUsersTitle:
= Blocked users
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ConnectedUsersTitle:
= Connected users
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ConnectedUsersExplanation:
= Connected users are contacts you've added, spoken with, or synced from your device. They can see your presence status and certain info in your Skype profile.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SmsRelayTitle:
= SMS Relay (Experimental)
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SkypeProDisableConfirmationAlertButtonLabel:
= Disable
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SkypeProDisableConfirmationAlertContent:
= Are you sure you want to disable Skype Pro Mode?
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SkypeProDisableConfirmationAlertTitle:
= Disable Skype Pro Mode
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SkypeProEntryPointDisableLabel:
= Disable Skype Pro mode
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SkypeProEntryPointEnableLabel:
= Enable Skype Pro mode
Strings CallingSettingsPanel_AdvancedSettingsButtonLabel:
= Advanced
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_HeaderText:
= Advanced Calling
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_EnableNdiButtonLabel:
= Allow NDI usage
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_EnableNdiExplanation:
= Allow the use of NDI (Network Device Interface) to capture your call participants' audio and video information. It will be available on your network subnet and may be visible to others.
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_EnableNdiLinkTitle:
= Learn more about NDI
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_NdiRegisteredTrademarkExplanation:
= NDI is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
Strings SetConversationParticipantsPanel_CreateNewCellularSmsConversation:
= Create new SMS conversation
Strings SettingsLanguages_fr-CA:
= français (Canada) - French (Canada)
Strings SettingsLanguages_fr-FR:
= français - French
= français (France) - French (France)
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_WelcomeScreenDescription:
= Are you a business professional who connects with clients using Skype?
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_WelcomeScreenTitle:
= Skype Pro
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_ValuePropOneDescription:
= Connect with your customers by sharing a link to your profile. They don't even need to have Skype!
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_ValuePropOneTitle:
= Seamless Connection
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_ValuePropTwoDescription:
= Get early access to features for professionals like call recording.
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_ValuePropTwoTitle:
= Exclusive Pro Features
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_ValuePropThreeDescription:
= Be discovered by new customers...
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_ValuePropThreeTitle:
= Professional Profile
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_PickCategoryScreenTitle:
= What is your business category?
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_BusinessDetailsScreenTitle:
= Business Details
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_SuccessScreenTitle:
= Welcome to Skype Pro!
Strings SkypeProOnboardingDialog_DefaultTitle:
= Skype Pro
Strings SmsRelaySettingsPanel_EnableSmsRelayAgent:
= Enable/Disable Sms Relay
= Enable SMS Connect
Strings SmsRelayTerminalSettingsPanel_EnableSmsRelayTerminal:
= Enable/Disable Sms Relay
= Enable SMS Connect
Strings CallMediaCaptureChatMessages_Started:
= {name} started using a device that could record or broadcast this call.
Strings CallMediaCaptureChatMessages_Stopped:
= {name} stopped using a device that could have recorded or broadcast this call.
Strings CallMediaCapturerToast_StopLinkText:
= Stop NDI
Strings CallMediaCapturerToast_NotificationText:
= {name} is using a device that could record or broadcast this call.
Strings CallMediaCapturerToast_PrivacyStatementText:
= Avoid legal snags by telling people they're being recorded or broadcasted.
Strings CallMediaCapturerToast_MorePrivacyInfoLinkText:
= More privacy info
Strings CallMediaCapturerToast_StartedAccessibilityLabel:
= {name} started using a device that could record or broadcast this call
Strings CallMediaCapturerToast_StoppedAccessibilityLabel:
= {name} stopped using a device that could record or broadcast this call
Strings CallMediaCapturerToast_StartedInitiatorAccessibilityLabel:
= Started using NDI
Strings CallMediaCapturerToast_StoppedInitiatorAccessibilityLabel:
= Stopped using NDI
Strings MissedContentReminders_UnreadMessagesTitle1:
= 🔔 {name}, you have {count, plural, =1{1 unread conversation} other{{count} unread conversations}}
Strings MissedContentReminders_UnreadMessagesTitle2:
= 🔔 {name}, you have {count, plural, =1{1 new message} other{{count} new messages}}!
Strings MissedContentReminders_UnreadMessagesAndroidAction:
= Tap now to read
Strings CallControls_CallButtonView:
= View
Strings CallControls_CallButtonIgnore:
= Ignore
Strings CallControls_CallButtonAudio:
= Call
Strings CallControls_CallButtonVideo:
= Video
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSpeakerVolume:
= Speaker volume
Strings CallControls_CallButtonMore:
= More
Strings CallControls_CallButtonAdd:
= Add
Strings CallControls_CallButtonToggle:
= Toggle Controls
Strings CallControls_CallButtonUnmuteAccessibilityLabel:
= Unmute
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSpeakerVolumeAccessibilityLabel:
= Change speaker volume
Strings CallControls_CallButtonTurnOnVideoAccessibilityLabel:
= Turn video on
Strings CallControls_CallButtonTurnOffVideoAccessibilityLabel:
= Turn video off
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSwitchCameraForwardAccessibilityLabel:
= Switch camera, facing forward
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSwitchCameraBackwardAccessibilityLabel:
= Switch camera, facing backward
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSwitchCameraAccessibilityLabel:
= Camera
Strings CallControls_CallButtonAudioAccessibilityLabel:
= Answer call from {conversationName} with voice only
Strings CallControls_CallButtonVideoAccessibilityLabel:
= Answer call from {conversationName} with video
Strings CallControls_CallButtonDeclineAccessibilityLabel:
= Decline
Strings ConversationsListItem_StartAudioCallButtonLabel:
= Call

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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