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Skype for Windows

The free application Skype for Windows has been updated to version, and this means that right now you can download the new version from the official site or from our blog using the button below. Although it is not known what changed in the Skype for Windows, we can only assume that the application has become better.

Skype for Windows

File size:

59.6 MB

Operating system:


Skype version:

Release date:

Total downloads:

1 584


The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Windows. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Windows, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Files /Skype.exe [-0.21KB]
Files /resources/app.asar [+1171.94KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/skype-location/lib/ia32/location.node [++]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RTMPLTFM.dll [+43KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RtmCodecs.dll [+29.33KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RtmControl.dll [-0.17KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RtmMediaManager.dll [+2.33KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/RtmPal.dll [+10.33KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/sharing-indicator.node [-0.17KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/skypert.dll [+20.33KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/slimcore.node [-57.67KB]
Files /resources/app.asar.unpacked/node_modules/slimcore/bin/ssScreenVVS2.dll [+30.83KB]
Strings AccessibilityLabel_MediaMessageSending:
= {senderName} is sending {messageContent} at {timestamp}.
Strings AccessibilityLabel_NewReactionToMessage:
= {senderName} reacted with emoticon {reaction} to {messageContent}
Strings AccessibilityLabel_RemovedReactionToMessage:
= {senderName} removed emoticon {reaction} which was a reaction to {messageContent}
Strings AccessibilityLabel_DialogClosed:
= {dialogTitle} closed
Strings AlertCard_UserAcceptedCallInvite:
= {gender, select, female{{userName} accepted call invite '{invitationSubject}'} male{{userName} accepted call invite '{invitationSubject}'} other{{userName} accepted call invite '{invitationSubject}'}}
Strings AlertCard_UserDeclinedCallInvite:
= {gender, select, female{{userName} declined call invite '{invitationSubject}'} male{{userName} declined call invite '{invitationSubject}'} other{{userName} declined call invite '{invitationSubject}'}}
Strings AlertCard_CallInviteReceived:
= {gender, select, female{{userName} invited you to a call '{invitationSubject}'} male{{userName} invited you to a call '{invitationSubject}'} other{{userName} invited you to a call '{invitationSubject}'}}
Strings AudioVideoSettings_TitleForCompactVersion:
= Check Audio and Video
Strings AudioVideoSettings_TestAudioButtonLabelForCompactVersion:
= Play test sound
Strings PersonalizedOffersPanel_TitleSkypeCreditUpper:
Strings ContactCard_ChatButtonTitle:
= Chat
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StartAudioOnly:
= Start Audio Only
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StopAudioOnly:
= Stop Audio Only
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_WishUBotBackgroundChange:
= Virtual reality change background
Strings CallCard_MissedCallFromCallerMarker:
= Missed call from {caller}
Strings CallPreview_JoinButtonTitle:
= Join
Strings CallPreview_ToggleMicrophoneAccessibilityLabel:
= Microphone
Strings CapturePanel_ZoomInfo:
= Zoom.
Strings CapturePanel_ChangeZoomInstruction:
= Tap to change zoom.
Strings AddContactPanel_InputSelectedPlaceholder:
= Find people on Skype
= Find people
Strings AddContactPanel_InputPlaceholderDescription:
= Search for people using their Skype Name, phone number, email and full name.
= Search for people using their Skype Name, phone number, email or full name.
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_NameInputPlaceholder:
= Name
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_EditContactTitle:
= Edit contact
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_ContactSavedAnouncement:
= Contact saved
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_ErrorAnouncement:
= Unable to save contact. Please try again later.
Strings ContentPanelHeader_SearchInConversationClearTitle:
= Clear text
Strings ContentPanelHeader_SearchInConversationNextResultTitle:
= Next result
Strings ContentPanelHeader_SearchInConversationPreviousResultTitle:
= Previous result
Strings ContentToReactTransformer_ContactCardIconPreviewLabel:
= contact card
Strings Colors_Multi:
= Multiple colors
Strings Colors_Classic:
= Classic
Strings ColorThemeDialog_HeaderTextShort:
= Theme
Strings ColorThemeDialog_PreviewUpper:
Strings ColorThemeDialog_ColorUpper:
Strings CreditPurchase_UserNotEligibleForOffer:
= Unfortunately, you're not eligible for free trial. Your paid subscription will begin immediately.
= Unfortunately, you're not eligible for free trial. Please purchase paid subscription.
Strings CreditPurchase_PurchaseCreditLegal:
= By clicking '{buttonLabel}', you agree to the {msServiceAgreementLink}.
Strings MobileRecentsFilter_EnableCompactLayout:
= Enable compact layout
Strings MobileRecentsFilter_DisableCompactLayout:
= Disable compact layout
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_Time:
= Time
= Sort by Time
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_Unread:
= Unread
= Sort by Unread
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_Active:
= Active
= Sort by Active
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_ShowMessagePreviews:
= Show message previews
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_HidePreviews:
= Hide message previews
Strings Entitlements_FreeTrialSubscriptionName:
= {subscriptionName} (free trial)
Strings TodoAddin_AddTask:
= Add a task
Strings TodoAddin_ConnectionErrorMessage:
= We are experiencing network connectivity issues, please check your connection and try again
Strings TodoAddin_CreateListErrorMessage:
= We were unable to create your task list, please try again later
Strings TodoAddin_CreateTaskErrorMessage:
= We were unable to create your todo, please try again later
Strings TodoAddin_CreateTaskFolder:
= Create new list
Strings TodoAddin_CreateTaskLabel:
= Add a new task to '{listName}' list
Strings TodoAddin_CreateTaskFolderLabel:
= Create new task list
Strings TodoAddin_DefaultTaskFolderAlias:
= Tasks
Strings TodoAddin_DefaultTaskFolderLabel:
= Default list 'task'
Strings TodoAddin_DeleteConfirmationTitle:
= '{itemToDelete}' will be permanently deleted.
= '{itemToDelete}' will be permanently deleted
Strings TodoAddin_DeletedTask:
= Task deleted. Tap to undo
Strings TodoAddin_DeleteTaskErrorMessage:
= We were unable to delete your task, please try again later
Strings TodoAddin_DeletedTaskFolder:
= Task list deleted
Strings TodoAddin_DeleteListErrorMessage:
= We were unable to delete your task list, please try again later
Strings TodoAddin_DeleteTodoConfirmationMenuOption:
= Delete to-do
= Delete task
Strings TodoAddin_EditTask:
= Edit task '{todoText}'
Strings TodoAddin_EditTaskFolderName:
= Edit task list name
Strings TodoAddin_GetListErrorMessage:
= We were unable to get your task list, please try again later
Strings TodoAddin_GetListsErrorMessage:
= We were unable to get your task lists, please try again later
Strings TodoAddin_HideCompletedTasks:
= Hide completed to-dos
= Hide completed tasks
Strings TodoAddin_HidingCompletedTasks:
= Hiding completed tasks
Strings TodoAddin_MarkTaskAsComplete:
= Task '{todoText}' marked as complete
Strings TodoAddin_MarkTaskAsIncomplete:
= Task '{todoText}' marked as incomplete
Strings TodoAddin_SaveTaskFolderName:
= Save task list name
Strings TodoAddin_SaveTaskSubject:
= Save to-do subject
= Save task subject
Strings TodoAddin_SaveToList:
= Save to
Strings TodoAddin_ShowCompletedTasksErrorMessage:
= We were unable to show your completed todos, please try again later
Strings TodoAddin_ShowCompletedTasks:
= Show completed to-dos
= Show completed tasks
Strings TodoAddin_ShowingCompletedTasks:
= Showing completed tasks
Strings TodoAddin_TaskAdded:
= Task '{todoText}' added
Strings TodoAddin_TaskAddFailed:
= Task failed to add
Strings TodoAddin_TaskCompleteStatusLabel:
= Mark task '{todoText}' as incomplete
Strings TodoAddin_TaskDeleted:
= Task '{todoText}' deleted
Strings TodoAddin_TaskDeleteFailed:
= Task item failed to delete
Strings TodoAddin_TaskIncompleteStatusLabel:
= Mark task '{todoText}' as complete
Strings TodoAddin_TaskFolderCreated:
= Task list '{taskFolderName}' created
Strings TodoAddin_TaskFolderNameUpdated:
= Task list name updated
Strings TodoAddin_TaskFolderNameLabel:
= Task list '{listName}'
Strings TodoAddin_TaskUpdated:
= Task updated successfully
Strings TodoAddin_UpdateListNameErrorMessage:
= We were unable to update the name of your task list, please try again later
Strings TodoAddin_UpdateTaskStatusErrorMessage:
= We were unable to update your task status, please try again later
Strings TodoAddin_UpdateTaskSubjectErrorMessage:
= We were unable to update the subject of your task, please try again later
Strings Global_MoreOptionsClosed:
= Menu closed
Strings Global_ItemSelectedAccessibilityLabel:
= {text}, selected
Strings Global_ItemUnselectedAccessibilityLabel:
= {text}, not selected
Strings Global_ErrorTitle:
= Error
Strings GuestJoin_HeaderText:
= Join as
Strings GuestJoin_PreHeaderText:
= Joining you to conversation
Strings GuestJoin_SubHeaderText:
= Ready to jump into your conversation?
Strings GuestJoin_PlaceholderText:
= Enter your name
Strings GuestJoin_JoinAsGuestLabel:
= Join as guest
Strings GuestJoin_JoinConversationLabel:
= Join conversation
Strings GuestUpsell_TitleText:
= Guest mode
Strings GuestUpsell_HeaderText:
= You joined this conversation as a guest
Strings GuestUpsell_BodyText:
= You can chat, call and share media and your screen with the group. This guest account will expire in 24 hours. To continue chatting, simply sign up or sign in to Skype.
Strings GuestUpsell_BannerText:
= You joined as a guest
Strings GuestUpsell_BannerButtonLabel:
= Learn more
Strings GuestJoinUnavailableDialog_TitleText:
= Guest Sign-In unavailable
Strings GuestJoinUnavailableDialog_BodyText:
= For security reasons, you can't currently join this conversation as a guest. To continue, please sign in with Microsoft
Strings GuestJoinUnavailableDialog_DismissButtonLabel:
= OK
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_Title:
= Hotkeys
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_Title2:
= Keyboard Shortcuts
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ExtendedTitle:
= Skype Hotkeys
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ExtendedTitle2:
= Skype Keyboard Shortcuts
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ActionTitle:
= Action
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_HotkeysTitle:
= Hotkeys
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_GeneralCategoryHeader:
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_MessagingCategoryHeader:
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_CallingCategoryHeader:
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenNotificationPanel:
= Open Notification panel
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenAppSettings:
= Open app settings
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenHelpInABrowser:
= Open Help in default browser
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenDialpad:
= Launch main dial pad
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_StartNewConversation:
= Start new conversation
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_NewGroup:
= New group
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenContactsPanel:
= Open contacts
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenBotsPanel:
= Open contact screen to bots
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_SendFeedback:
= Send feedback
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenThemePicker:
= Open themes
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_NavigateToRecents:
= Navigate to recent chats
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ShowConversationProfile:
= Show conversation profile
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_AddPeopleToConversation:
= Add people to conversation
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_SendFile:
= Send a file
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_StartVideoCall:
= Start a video call
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_StartAudioCall:
= Start an audio call
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ToggleGallery:
= Open gallery
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_MarkAsUnread:
= Mark as unread
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_HangupOrRejectCall:
= Hang up
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ToggleMicrophone:
= Toggle mute
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ToggleCamera:
= Toggle camera
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_AcceptIncomingCall:
= Answer incoming call
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_AddPeopleToCall:
= Add people to a call
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_Search:
= Search for all contacts, messages and bots
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_SearchInConversation:
= Search within selected conversation
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ToggleTheme:
= Toggle between light and dark mode
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_EditMessage:
= Edit the last message sent
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_EnableMultipleSelectMessages:
= Multi-select messages
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_TakeCallSnapshot:
= Take a snapshot
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ArchiveConversation:
= Archive selected conversation
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_NextSearchResult:
= Select the next message in search results
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_PreviousSearchResult:
= Select the previous message in search results
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenKeyboardShortcuts:
= View keyboard shortcuts
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenMainWindow:
= Open the main Skype window
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_Refresh:
= Refresh the app
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ZoomIn:
= Zoom in
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ZoomOut:
= Zoom out
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ResetZoom:
= View actual size
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ZoomCombined:
= Zoom in, zoom out, or view actual size
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_LeftArrow:
= Left arrow
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_RightArrow:
= Right arrow
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_UpArrow:
= Up arrow
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_DownArrow:
= Down arrow
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ZoomInstructionsMac:
= Use the View button to zoom in, out, or return to actual size. {zoomincommand} to zoom in, {zoomoutcommand} to zoom out, {resetzoomcommand} for actual size.
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ZoomInstructionsWindows:
= Use {viewcommand} to bring up the View menu to zoom in, out, or return to actual size. {zoomincommand} to zoom in, {zoomoutcommand} to zoom out, {resetzoomcommand} for actual size.
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ShiftKey:
= Shift
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_EscapeKey:
= Escape
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_EscapeKeyShort:
= Esc
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_DeleteKey:
= Delete
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_SpaceKey:
= Space
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_PageUpKey:
= Page up
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_PageDownKey:
= Page down
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_CommaKey:
= Comma
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_CommandKey:
= Command
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ControlKey:
= Control
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ControlKeyShort:
= Ctrl
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_ReturnKey:
= Return
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_EnterKey:
= Enter
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_AltKey:
= Alt
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OptionKey:
= Option
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_TabKey:
= Tab
Strings MediaBar_ScheduleCallDescription:
= Arrange a Skype call and get reminders.
= Arrange a Skype call and get reminders
Strings MediaPickerPanel_ItemCannotBeSelected:
= {count, plural, =1{Sorry, videos longer than a minute are currently not supported.} other{Sorry, videos longer than {count} minutes are currently not supported.}}
= {count, plural, one{Skype currently only supports sharing videos up to {count} minute in length.} other{Skype currently only supports sharing videos up to {count} minutes in length.}}
Strings MediaViewer_Downloading:
= Downloading ...
= Downloading...
Strings MediaViewer_DownloadPaused:
= Download paused...
Strings MediaViewer_PauseDownload:
= Pause video download
Strings MediaViewer_ResumeDownload:
= Resume video download
Strings MessageStream_UnreadSmsMarkerDivider:
= Unread SMS messages
Strings MessageStream_UnreadSmsMarkerStickerTemplated:
= {timestamp} – Unread SMS messages
Strings MessageStream_DragAndDropContactToGroupChatConfirmation:
= Do you want to send {displayName}'s contact details to the people in this conversation? This does not add {displayName} to this conversation.
Strings MyProfilePanel_UnableToUpdateMoodMessage:
= Unable to update your mood message, please try again later
Strings MyProfilePanel_UnableToUpdateDisplayName:
= Unable to update your name, please try again later
Strings NativeAd_AdAccessibilityLabel:
= Advertisement
Strings NativeAd_HideAdMenuTitle:
= Hide Ads
Strings NativeAd_HideMarkInappropriateMenuItem:
= Ad is inappropriate
Strings NativeAd_HideMarkIrrelevantMenuItem:
= Ad is not useful
Strings NativeAd_HideMarkUnwantedMenuItem:
= I don't like ads
Strings NativeAd_HideMarkHaveSeenItMenuItem:
= I've seen this ad
Strings Notifications_AudioBody:
= 🎙️ Audio
= {emoji, select, enabled{🎙️ Audio} other{Audio}}
Strings Notifications_ContactBody:
= 👤 Contact {contactName}
= {emoji, select, enabled{👤 Contact {contactName}} other{Contact {contactName}}}
Strings Notifications_ContactsBody:
= 👤 Contacts
= {emoji, select, enabled{👤 Contacts} other{Contacts}}
Strings Notifications_GifBody:
= ✨ GIF
= {emoji, select, enabled{✨ GIF} other{GIF}}
Strings Notifications_IncomingCallEncryptedMessage:
= 🔒 {caller} is calling
= {emoji, select, enabled{🔒 {caller} is calling} other{{caller} is calling}}
Strings Notifications_LocationBody:
= 📍 Location {address}
= {emoji, select, enabled{📍 Location {address}} other{Location {address}}}
Strings Notifications_MissedCallMessageEncryptedOneOnOne:
= 🔒 {caller}: Missed private call
= {emoji, select, enabled{🔒 {caller}: Missed private call} other{{caller}: Missed private call}}
Strings Notifications_PhotoBody:
= 📷 Image
= {emoji, select, enabled{📷 Image} other{Image}}
Strings Notifications_VideoBody:
= 🎥 Video
= {emoji, select, enabled{🎥 Video} other{Video}}
Strings PesPicker_RecentCaptureStickerPackTitle:
= Recently
Strings PopCards_CelebrationEngagementTitle:
= Call {firstName} {lastName} to celebrate together!
Strings PopCards_CelebrationEngagementButtonText:
= Call {firstName}
Strings PSTNConversation_InviteButtonAndAddCreditButtonsSeperatorLabel:
= or
Strings PSTNDialerPanel_PSTNDialerSaveContactButtonLabel:
= Save phone number
Strings UserSettingsPanel_TextSize:
= Text size
Strings UserSettingsPanel_TextSizeSmaller:
= Smaller
Strings UserSettingsPanel_TextSizeSmall:
= Small
Strings UserSettingsPanel_TextSizeNormal:
= Normal
Strings UserSettingsPanel_TextSizeBig:
= Big
Strings UserSettingsPanel_TextSizeBigger:
= Bigger
Strings UserSettingsPanel_DisplayUrlPreviews:
= Display URL previews
Strings UserSettingsPanel_AccessibilityTitle:
= Accessibility
Strings UserSettingsPanel_AccessibilityTitleUpper:
Strings PeopleList_SyncAddressBookBannerLabel:
= Find your friends on Skype by syncing your address book.
Strings PeopleList_ContactsPrivacyNoticeLabel:
= Check your Contacts settings to manage who can find and see you on Skype.
Strings EarlyNotificationsPromptPanel_HeaderText:
= Enable Notifications
Strings EarlyNotificationsPromptPanel_DescriptionText:
= Stay informed with notifications. You can change your permissions anytime in Profile > Settings.
Strings SignInSignUp_SkypeVersion:
= Skype version {version}
Strings SMSMessaging_SendSmsToNumberViaSkype:
= to {phoneNumber} via Skype
Strings SmsSettings_ConfigureCallerIdButton:
= Configure Caller ID
Strings SmsSettings_ConfigureButton:
= Configure
Strings SmsSettings_CallerIdText:
= (Caller ID)
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelNoDevicesStep1:
= 1. Install Skype on your computer from
= 1. Install the latest version of Skype on your desktop from
Strings WindowCloseUtils_CallInProgressCloseSplitViewNotificationToastTitle:
= Call ended
Strings WindowCloseUtils_CallInProgressCloseSplitViewNotificationToastBody:
= Your call was ended when your window was closed.
Strings StreamItem_SendToAddin:
= Create to-do
= Create a task
Strings SwiftQuickReplyListView_CreateToDo:
= Create to-do
= Create task
Strings VideoNode_TransferProgressText:
= {percentage}% of {size}
Strings VideoNode_CancelSendTitle:
= Stop video sending
Strings VideoNode_CancelSendBody:
= Are you sure you want to stop sending the video?
Strings VideoNode_CancelSendAction:
= Don't send
Strings Plugin_CreateTaskTitle:
= Create to-do
= Create a task
Strings Plugin_CreateTaskHelpTextPrefix:
= This will be saved in
= Your To-Do will be saved in the
Strings Plugin_CreateTaskHelpTextSuffix:
= Microsoft To-Do
= Microsoft task service
Strings Plugin_SaveTaskToFolderLabel:
= Your task will be saved in '{taskListName}'. You have '{taskListCount}' task lists in total'.
Strings Plugin_AddTaskButtonLabel:
= Add task to '{taskListName}'
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_HeaderTitle:
= Schedule a call
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_Description:
= What is this call about (optional)
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_Send:
= Send
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_Reminder15MinutesBefore:
= 15 minutes before
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_Reminder30MinutesBefore:
= 30 minutes before
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_Reminder1HourBefore:
= 1 hour before
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_Reminder1DayBefore:
= 1 day before
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_Reminder1WeekBefore:
= 1 week before
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_ReminderPanelHeaderTitle:
= Reminder
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_InvitationSentMessageWith15MinutesReminder:
= A reminder will be sent 15 minutes before the start of the call.
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_InvitationSentMessageWith30MinutesReminder:
= A reminder will be sent 30 minutes before the start of the call.
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_InvitationSentMessageWith1HourReminder:
= A reminder will be sent 1 hour before the start of the call.
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_InvitationSentMessageWith1DayReminder:
= A reminder will be sent 1 day before the start of the call.
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_InvitationSentMessageWith1WeekReminder:
= A reminder will be sent 1 week before the start of the call.
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_DefaultSubject:
= Skype call
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_InviteSentTitle:
= Invite Sent
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_Done:
= Done
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_ConfirmationPanelHeaderTitle:
= Confirmation
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_ScheduleNextCallBodyContent:
= Plan your next call by creating a call reminder in your calendar
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_ScheduleNextCallButton:
= Schedule
Strings ScheduleCallAddin_ScheduleNextCallTitle:
= Call with {displayName}!
Strings ScheduledCallCard_CancelScheduledCallOverflowItem:
= Cancel scheduled call
Strings ScheduledCallCard_ViewDetailsOverflowItem:
= View details
Strings SkypeToPhonePanel_CallPhoneNumbers:
= Call phone numbers at affordable rates
Strings SkypeToPhonePanel_CallPhonesSendSMS:
= Call phones and send SMS at affordable rates
Strings SkypeToPhonePanel_GetCreditButton:
= Get credit
Strings SkypeToPhonePanel_Credit:
= Credit: {amount}
Strings SkypeToPhonePanel_SubscriptionMinutesLeft:
= Subscription: {minutesLeft} mins
Strings SkypeToPhonePanel_GetSubscriptionButton:
= Get subscription
Strings SkypeToPhonePanel_GetFreeTrialButton:
= Get free trial
Strings SkypeToPhonePanel_Subscriptions:
= Subscriptions
Strings SkypeToPhonePanel_SaveMoreText:
= Save even more on phone calls to specific destinations
Strings SystemTray_SettingsLabel:
= Show Skype in the Windows System Tray
Strings SystemTray_ToolTipLabel:
= Skype
Strings SystemTray_BaloonTitleLabel:
= Skype
Strings SystemTray_BaloonContentLabel:
= Skype is still connected so you won't miss new messages or calls.
Strings SystemTray_BaloonUpsellLabel:
= Collaborate over Skype with group video calling, screen sharing, and file sharing, all for free.
Strings SystemTray_OpenSkypeLabel:
= Open Skype
Strings SystemTray_OpenSettingsLabel:
= Settings
Strings SystemTray_SignInLabel:
= Sign In
Strings SystemTray_SignOutLabel:
= Sign Out
Strings SystemTray_QuitSkypeLabel:
= Quit Skype
Strings SystemTray_OnlineStatusLabel:
= Status
Strings SystemTray_OnlineLabel:
= Active
Strings SystemTray_DoNotDisturbLabel:
= Do not disturb
Strings SystemTray_InvisibleLabel:
= Invisible
Strings CallCard_CallerName:
= from {caller}
Strings CallPreview_JoinNowButtonTitle:
= Jump in
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_InputPlaceholder:
= Name
Strings TodoAddin_DefaultToDoListAlias:
= To-Do
Strings TodoAddin_CreateNewList:
= Create new list
Strings TodoAddin_AddTodo:
= Add a to-do
Strings TodoAddin_DeletedTodo:
= To-do deleted. Tap to undo.
Strings TodoAddin_DeletedTodoList:
= To-do list deleted.
Strings TodoAddin_EditToDoListName:
= Edit to-do list name
Strings TodoAddin_SaveToDoListName:
= Save to-do list name
Strings TodoAddin_ToDoCompleteStatusLabel:
= Mark to-do '{todoText}' as incomplete.
Strings TodoAddin_ToDoIncompleteStatusLabel:
= Mark to-do '{todoText}' as complete.
Strings TodoAddin_ToDoMarkAsIncomplete:
= To-do '{todoText}' marked as incomplete.
Strings TodoAddin_ToDoMarkAsComplete:
= To-do '{todoText}' marked as complete.
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_HeaderTitle:
= Schedule a call
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_Description:
= What is this call about (optional)
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_Send:
= Send
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_Reminder15MinutesBefore:
= 15 minutes before
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_Reminder30MinutesBefore:
= 30 minutes before
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_Reminder1HourBefore:
= 1 hour before
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_Reminder1DayBefore:
= 1 day before
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_Reminder1WeekBefore:
= 1 week before
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_ReminderPanelHeaderTitle:
= Reminder
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_InvitationSentMessage:
= We've sent {displayName} the invite and you'll both be sent a reminder before the event starts.
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_Done:
= Done
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_ConfirmationPanelHeaderTitle:
= Confirmation
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_PostCallBodyContent:
= Plan your next call by creating a call reminder in your calendar
Strings ScheduleEventAddin_PostCallScheduleButton:
= Schedule

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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