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Skype for Android

A new version of Skype for Android has been released. You can install it from the Play Store or download from our blog. As for changes in the Skype for Android, about them nothing is yet known.

Skype for Android

File size:

30.7 MB

Operating system:


Skype version:

Release date:

Total downloads:



The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings com_appboy_feed_connection_error_body:
= 'Cannot establish network connection. Please try again later.'
Strings com_appboy_feed_connection_error_title:
= Connection Error
Strings com_appboy_feed_empty:
= 'We have no updates. Please check again later.'
Strings com_appboy_feedback_form_cancel:
= Cancel
Strings com_appboy_feedback_form_email:
= Email
Strings com_appboy_feedback_form_empty_email:
= An email address is required.
Strings com_appboy_feedback_form_invalid_email:
= Invalid Email Address
Strings com_appboy_feedback_form_invalid_message:
= Please enter a feedback message.
Strings com_appboy_feedback_form_is_bug:
= Reporting an Issue?
Strings com_appboy_feedback_form_message:
= Message
Strings com_appboy_feedback_form_send:
= Send
Strings com_appboy_notification_time_twelve_hour_format:
= h:mm a
Strings com_appboy_notification_time_twenty_four_hour_format:
= HH:mm
Strings com_appboy_recommendation_free:
= Free
Strings notification_default_channel_name:
= General notification channel
Strings quick_actions_sign_in:
= Sign In
Strings hockeyapp_error_install_form_unknown_sources_disabled:
= The installation from unknown sources is not enabled. Please check the device settings.
Strings hockeyapp_error_no_external_storage_permission:
= The permission to access the external storage is not set. Please contact the developer.
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_attachment_added:
= Attachment added
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_attachment_remove_description:
= Remove attachment
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_attachment_removed:
= Attachment removed
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_email_hint_required:
= Email (required)
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_max_attachments_allowed:
= Only %s attachments allowed.
= Only %d attachments allowed.
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_message_hint_required:
= Message (required)
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_name_hint_required:
= Name (required)
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_new_answer_notification_message:
= A new answer to your feedback is available.
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_notification_title:
= HockeyApp Feedback
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_screenshot_fail:
= Screenshot could not be created. Sorry.
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_screenshot_notification_message:
= Take a screenshot for your feedback.
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_sent_toast:
= Feedback sent
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_subject_hint_required:
= Subject (required)
Strings hockeyapp_login_email_hint_required:
= Email (required)
Strings hockeyapp_login_password_hint_required:
= Password (required)
Strings hockeyapp_update_already_installed:
Strings hockeyapp_update_loading:
= Loading…
Strings hockeyapp_update_newest_version:
= Newest version
Strings hockeyapp_update_no_info:
= No information.
Strings hockeyapp_update_restore:
= Restore
Strings hockeyapp_update_title:
= App Update
Strings hockeyapp_update_unknown_size:
= Unknown size
Strings hockeyapp_update_version:
= Version %s
Strings com_appboy_api_key:
= 20a782be-4c53-4ede-9833-5994efa107ed
Strings com_appboy_custom_endpoint:
Strings com_appboy_image_resize_tag_key:
= com_appboy_image_resize_tag_key
Strings com_appboy_push_gcm_sender_id:
= 463199198573
Strings com_appboy_sdk_flavor:
Strings hockeyapp_feedback_notification_channel:
= HockeyApp
Strings resource_for_package_identification:
= PackageNameResource
Strings sync_adapter_account_type:
= com.skype4life
Strings AccessibilityLabel_DiverseEmoticonAccessibilityLabel:
= Double tap and hold to bring up skin tone options
Strings AccessibilityLabel_EmoticonTone2:
= {emoticonName} with light skin tone
Strings AccessibilityLabel_EmoticonTone3:
= {emoticonName} with medium-light skin tone
Strings AccessibilityLabel_EmoticonTone4:
= {emoticonName} with medium skin tone
Strings AccessibilityLabel_EmoticonTone5:
= {emoticonName} with medium-dark skin tone
Strings AccessibilityLabel_EmoticonTone6:
= {emoticonName} with dark skin tone
Strings AlertsPanel_EmptyStateDescriptionAlternative:
= Check back to see new @ mentions, reactions, quotes and much more.
Strings AlertCard_UserAcceptedCallInvite:
= {gender, select, female{{userName} accepted call invite '{invitationSubject}'} male{{userName} accepted call invite '{invitationSubject}'} other{{userName} accepted call invite '{invitationSubject}'}}
= {gender, select, female{{user} accepted call invite '{subject}'} male{{user} accepted call invite '{subject}'} other{{user} accepted call invite '{subject}'}}
Strings AlertCard_UserDeclinedCallInvite:
= {gender, select, female{{userName} declined call invite '{invitationSubject}'} male{{userName} declined call invite '{invitationSubject}'} other{{userName} declined call invite '{invitationSubject}'}}
= {gender, select, female{{user} declined call invite '{subject}'} male{{user} declined call invite '{subject}'} other{{user} declined call invite '{subject}'}}
Strings AlertCard_CallInviteReceived:
= {gender, select, female{{userName} invited you to a call '{invitationSubject}'} male{{userName} invited you to a call '{invitationSubject}'} other{{userName} invited you to a call '{invitationSubject}'}}
= {gender, select, female{{user} invited you to a call '{subject}'} male{{user} invited you to a call '{subject}'} other{{user} invited you to a call '{subject}'}}
Strings AlertCard_CallInviteCanceled:
= {gender, select, female{{user} canceled the call '{subject}'} male{{user} canceled the call '{subject}'} other{{user} canceled the call '{subject}'}}
Strings AlertCard_SingleUserReactedAccessibilityLabel:
= {firstName} reacted to {messageContent}
Strings AlertCard_SingleUserReactedWithReactionAccessibilityLabel:
= {firstName} reacted with emoticon {reaction} to {messageContent}
Strings AlertCard_TwoUsersReactedAccessibilityLabel:
= {firstName} and {secondName} reacted to {messageContent}
Strings AlertCard_MultipleUsersReactedAccessibilityLabel:
= {nuberOfUsersReacted, plural, other{{firstName} and # others reacted to {messageContent}}}
Strings ArchivedConversationsPanel_Title:
= Hidden chats
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AudioTestTitle:
= Test your audio
Strings AudioVideoSettings_VideoTestTitle:
= Test your video
Strings AudioVideoSettings_MicrophoneLevelMeter:
= Microphone Level Meter
Strings OfferCard_SubscriptionOfferFreeTrialPriceAccessibilityLabel:
= First month for free, afterwards price is {price} {period}.
Strings CallControls_CallButtonSpeakerVolumeLabel:
= Change speaker volume
= Change speaker volume slider
Strings CallControls_CallButtonMicrophoneVolumeLabel:
= Change microphone volume
= Change microphone volume slider
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StartSubtitles:
= Turn subtitles on
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StopSubtitles:
= Turn subtitles off
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StartAudioOnly:
= Start Audio Only
= Enable audio-only
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StopAudioOnly:
= Stop Audio Only
= Disable audio-only
Strings CallBanner_KeyboardShortcutAccessibilityLabel:
= Use keyboard shortcut {acceptCall} to accept and {rejectCall} to reject.
Strings CallBanner_IncomingCallAccessibilityLabelWithKeyboardShortcut:
= {incomingCall}. {keyboardShortcut}
Strings CallOrInviteMenu_StartAudioCallKeyboardShortcutAccessibilityLabel:
= Starting audio call
Strings CallOrInviteMenu_StartVideoCallKeyboardShortcutAccessibilityLabel:
= Starting video call
Strings CallPanel_CallRosterAccessibilityLabel:
= Call participants
Strings CallPanel_CloseDialpadTooltipTitle:
= Enter numbers using the dial pad
= Close the dial pad
Strings CallPanel_DisplayNameWithMicrophoneMuted:
= {displayName}, microphone muted
Strings CallPanel_StartCaptioning:
= Starting captioning...
Strings CallPanel_StartSubtitles:
= Turning subtitles on...
Strings CapturePermissions_PermissionMicrophoneAndCamera:
= Microphone and Camera
Strings AugmentedPermissions_RequestPermissionsChromeTextMic:
= Click 'Allow' so others can hear you in the call
Strings AugmentedPermissions_RequestPermissionsChromeTextCam:
= Click 'Allow' so others can see you in the call
Strings AugmentedPermissions_RequestPermissionsChromeTextBoth:
= Click 'Allow' so others can see and hear you in the call
Strings AugmentedPermissions_RequestPermissionsEdgeTextMic:
= Click 'Yes' so others can hear you in the call
Strings AugmentedPermissions_RequestPermissionsEdgeTextCam:
= Click 'Yes' so others can see you in the call
Strings AugmentedPermissions_RequestPermissionsEdgeTextBoth:
= Click 'Yes' so others can see and hear you in the call
Strings AugmentedPermissions_CameraDeficiencyMainDisplayTextChrome:
= Grant access to your camera by clicking the icon as shown above, and then 'Always Allow'
Strings AugmentedPermissions_MicrophoneDeficiencyMainDisplayTextChrome:
= Grant access to your microphone by clicking the icon as shown above, and then 'Always Allow'
Strings AugmentedPermissions_MicrophoneAndCameraDeficiencyMainDisplayTextChrome:
= Grant access to your camera and mic by clicking the icon as shown above, and then 'Always Allow'
Strings AugmentedPermissions_CameraDeficiencyMainDisplayTextEdge:
= Grant access to your camera by clicking the above icon and toggling your permissions to 'On'
Strings AugmentedPermissions_MicrophoneDeficiencyMainDisplayTextEdge:
= Grant access to your microphone by clicking the above icon and toggling your permissions to 'On'
Strings AugmentedPermissions_MicrophoneAndCameraDeficiencyMainDisplayTextEdge:
= Grant access to your microphone and camera by clicking the above icon and toggling your permissions to 'On'
Strings AugmentedPermissions_DownloadNativeAppSuggestion:
= For a better experience...
Strings AugmentedPermissions_DownloadNativeAppLabel:
= Get Skype for Desktop
Strings ConnectivityStatusBar_CaptivePortalAlert:
= Finish your Wi-Fi setup.
Strings ConnectivityStatusBar_CaptivePortalAlertAction:
= Connect
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_ErrorAnouncement:
= Unable to save contact. Please try again later.
= There was a problem saving this contact. Please try again later.
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_EditErrorAnouncement:
= There was a problem editing this contact. Please try again later.
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_AlreadyExistsErrorTitle:
= Phone number already exists
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_AlreadyExistsErrorMessage:
= This phone number already exists in your contacts as {displayName}. Would you like to view their profile?
Strings ConversationsListItem_HiddenConversation:
= Hidden conversation
Strings ConversationsListItem_UnhideItemLabel:
= Unhide conversation
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_NotSyncedHeaderAlternative:
= Start chatting on Skype
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_NotSyncedFirstTextAlternative:
= Use Search to find anyone on Skype.
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_NotSyncedSecondTextAlternative:
= Sync your address book to easily find your friends.
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_SyncAddressBookButtonAlternative:
= Sync Contacts
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_SearchCTATextAlternative:
= Use Search to find anyone on Skype.
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_EmptyChatsHeaderAlternative:
= Start a new chat
= Start chatting on Skype
Strings ConversationsListPanelEmptyState_ContactsCTATextAlternative:
= Go to Contacts to see your Skype and device contacts.
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_HeaderText:
= Sync Your Contacts
= Find Contacts Easily
Strings ColorThemeDialog_ReverseThemeTitle:
= Reverse theme
Strings CreditPurchase_SkypeCreditAsPaymentInstrument:
= {instrumentName}: {creditBalance}
Strings SubscriptionIntroduction_Title_1:
= We have low cost calling plans available for most countries around the globe
= We have low cost calling plans available for most countries and regions around the globe
Strings MobileRecentsFilter_HiddenChats:
= Hidden chats
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_RecentConversations:
= Recent chats
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_RecentConversationsUppercase:
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_HiddenConversations:
= Hidden chats
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_HiddenConversationsUppercase:
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_Tabs:
= Tabs
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_Sections:
= Sections
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_SkypeTab:
= View my contacts
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_AllTab:
= View all
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_Skype:
= My contacts
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_SkypeUppercase:
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_All:
= All
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_AllUppercase:
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_ShowFavorites:
= Show favorites
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_HideFavorites:
= Hide favorites
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_ShowActiveNow:
= Show active now
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_HideActiveNow:
= Hide active now
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_FilterOptions:
= Filter options
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_FilterByMenu:
= Filter menu
Strings DateTimeRelative_Now:
= Now
Strings DateTimeRelative_AbbreviatedDateTime:
= {day}, {monthDate}, {year} at {time}
Strings DetailsPanelHeader_ShareContactToConversationTitle:
= Select Contacts to Share
Strings DragAndDrop_FileUploadMessage:
= Drop files to send
Strings DragAndDrop_FileUploadOrContactShareMessage:
= Drop files or contact details to send
Strings DragAndDrop_DragDropConfirmationTitle:
= Send file
Strings DragAndDrop_DragDropConfirmationBody:
= Send the file to {name} via ...
Strings DNDSettingDialog_DNDSettingTitle:
= Do Not Disturb is on
Strings DNDSettingDialog_CallAndChatNotificationDuringDNDDialogContent:
= Your presence will be set to Do Not Disturb. You will not receive notifications about incoming calls or messages.
Strings DNDSettingDialog_CallNotificationDuringDNDDialogContent:
= Your presence will be set to Do Not Disturb. You will not receive notifications about incoming calls.
Strings DNDSettingDialog_ChatNotificationDuringDNDDialogContent:
= Your presence will be set to Do Not Disturb. You will not receive notifications about incoming messages.
Strings DNDSettingDialog_NotificationDuringDNDDialogContent:
= Your presence will be set to Do Not Disturb. You will receive notifications about incoming messages.
Strings DNDSettingDialog_DontAskMeAgain:
= Don't ask me again
Strings DNDSettingDialog_DoNothing:
= Ok
Strings DNDSettingDialog_ViewNotificationsSetting:
= View Settings
Strings Entitlements_SkypeToPhoneIntro:
= Call phones at affordable rates
Strings FileTransfer_FileAvailibilityMessage:
= Files are available for {numberOfDays, plural, =1{1 day} other{{numberOfDays} days}} {learnMoreLink}
Strings FileTransfer_FileNotAvailableMessage:
= This file is no longer available for download
Strings FileTransfer_FileLearnMoreLinkText:
= Learn more
Strings Global_ConfirmLabel:
= Confirm
Strings GuestJoin_GenericSessionExpirationHeaderText:
= Guest session ended
Strings GuestJoin_GenericSessionExpirationSubHeaderText:
= Sign in to arrange your own free conference calls and chat groups that anyone can join.
Strings GuestUpsell_TitleText:
= Guest mode
= Guest account
Strings GuestUpsell_HeaderText:
= You joined this conversation as a guest
= Thanks for using Skype
Strings GuestUpsell_BodyText:
= You can chat, call and share media and your screen with the group. This guest account will expire in 24 hours. To continue chatting, simply sign up or sign in to Skype.
= Your guest account has limited access to this Skype group for up to 24 hours. Sign in with a Microsoft account to stay connected to the group and enjoy the full Skype experience.
Strings GuestUpsell_SignInButtonLabel:
= Sign in or create account
Strings GuestUpsell_LeaveGroupButtonLabel:
= Leave group
Strings GuestUpsell_BannerText:
= You joined as a guest
= Signed in as guest
Strings GuestUpsell_BannerTextWithGuestName:
= Signed in as guest ({guestName})
Strings GuestUpsell_BannerButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Signed in as guest. Learn more
Strings Hub_NewGroupChatLabel:
= New Group
= New Group Chat
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_OpenDialpad:
= Launch main dial pad
= Launch dial pad
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_NewGroup:
= New group
= New group chat
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_FocusMessageComposer:
= Focus the message composer
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_MinusKey:
= Minus
Strings KeyboardShortcuts_PlusKey:
= Plus
Strings HiddenChatsPanel_Title:
= Hidden chats
Strings HubHeaderPanel_SearchHubTitle:
= People, groups & messages
Strings InfoPanel_UnhideConversationButtonLabel:
= Unhide conversation
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_PanelTitleContactsPrivacy:
= Privacy
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_ProfileSectionHeaderCaps:
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_ProfileSectionExplanation:
= Your profile is visible to people in your Skype contact list and everyone below.
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_ProfileVisiblityButton:
= View list
Strings MediaBar_ContactPickerTitle:
= Send contacts to this chat
Strings MediaBar_ContactTitle:
= Contact
Strings MediaBar_ContactPickerDescription:
= Share contacts
Strings MediaViewer_DownloadPaused:
= Download paused...
= Download cancelled
Strings MediaViewer_PauseDownload:
= Pause video download
= Cancel video download
Strings MediaViewer_ResumeDownload:
= Resume video download
= Download video
Strings MessageActionMenu_AudioSavedNotification:
= Audio saved
Strings MessageActionMenu_AudioSaveFailNotification:
= Unable to save audio
Strings MessageComposer_AccessibilityAnnouncement_NewlineAdded:
= Newline
Strings MyProfilePanel_MoodMessageSaved:
= Mood massage saved
Strings MyProfilePanel_DisplayNameSaved:
= Name saved
Strings NativeAd_HideAdMenuTitle:
= Hide Ads
= Hide Ad
Strings Notifications_ScheduledCallAcceptedBody:
= {gender, select, female{{displayName} accepted your call invite} male{{displayName} accepted your call invite} other{{displayName} accepted your call invite}}
Strings Notifications_ScheduledCallDeclinedBody:
= {gender, select, female{{displayName} declined your call invite} male{{displayName} declined your call invite} other{{displayName} declined your call invite}}
Strings Notifications_ScheduledCallInviteBody:
= Scheduled Call Invite
= {gender, select, female{{organizerName} wants to schedule a call with you} male{{organizerName} wants to schedule a call with you} other{{organizerName} wants to schedule a call with you}}
Strings Notifications_ScheduledCallPreReminderBody:
= {gender, select, female{Call with {userName} starting soon} male{Call with {userName} starting soon} other{Call with {userName} starting soon}}
Strings Notifications_ScheduledCallReminderBody:
= {gender, select, female{Call with {userName} has started} male{Call with {userName} has started} other{Call with {userName} has started}}
Strings Notifications_ScheduledCallEditedBody:
= {gender, select, female{{displayName} made a change to the scheduled call} male{{displayName} made a change to the scheduled call} other{{displayName} made a change to the scheduled call}}
Strings Notifications_DefaultNotificationChannel:
= General notification channel
Strings PesPicker_DiversityPickerAnnouncement:
= Skin tone selection
Strings PopCards_CelebrationEngagementCallAndMessageTitle:
= Send a message or give {firstName} {lastName} a call and celebrate together.
Strings PopCards_CelebrationEngagementMessageButtonText:
= Send message
Strings Onboarding_WizardGenericStepNextButton:
= Next
Strings Onboarding_WizardGenericStepContinueButton:
= Continue
Strings Onboarding_WizardGenericStepConnectButton:
= Connect
Strings Onboarding_WizardGenericStepStartButton:
= Start
Strings Onboarding_WizardGenericStepSyncButton:
= Sync
Strings Onboarding_WizardGenericStepOKButton:
= OK
Strings Onboarding_WizardGenericStepConfirmButton:
= Confirm
Strings ProfileCard_SkypeNumberBottomLabelMore:
= {count, plural, other{{count} Numbers}}
Strings ProfileCard_SkypeNumberBottomLabelNone:
= Get a second number
Strings RecentCallsHelper_NoRecentCallsTitle:
= No Recent Calls
= No recent calls
Strings RecentCallsHelper_NoRecentCallsInfoAlternative:
= Call anyone on Skype for free or open the dialpad to call mobiles and landlines.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_DisplayLargeEmoticons:
= Display large emoticons
= Large emoticons
Strings UserSettingsPanel_DisplayLargeEmoticonsSubtitle:
= Make single emoticons larger in chat.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ScheduledCallNotifications:
= Scheduled call notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ScheduledCallNotificationsSecondary:
= Receive push notifications for scheduled calls
Strings UserSettingsPanel_InAppScheduledCallNotifications:
= Scheduled call banner notifications
Strings UserSettingsPanel_InAppScheduledCallNotificationsSecondary:
= Show in-app banner notifications for scheduled calls
Strings UserSettingsPanel_Away:
= {gender, select, female{Away} male{Away} other{Away}}
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SendReadReceipts:
= Send read receipts
= Read receipts
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SendReadReceiptsSubtitle:
= Send and receive read receipts in chats with fewer than 20 people.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_DisplayUrlPreviews:
= Display URL previews
= Web link previews
Strings UserSettingsPanel_DisplayUrlPreviewsSubtitle:
= Show me a preview of websites I send or receive.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ProfileVisiblityTitle:
= Profile visiblity
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ExportHistoryLinuxLabel:
= Export chat history from Skype 4.3
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ExportHistoryLabel:
= Export chat history from Skype 7.x
Strings UserSettingsPanel_CallNotificationsDuringDNDSecondary:
= {gender, select, female{Receive push and in-app call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on} male{Receive push and in-app call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on} other{Receive push and in-app call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on}}
= {gender, select, female{Receive push call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on} male{Receive push call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on} other{Receive push call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on}}
Strings UserSettingsPanel_InternalBrowserToggleButton:
= Web links open in Skype
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SendMessageWithEnterToggleLabel:
= Send message with Enter key
Strings UserSettingsPanel_PcSubtextSendMessageWithEnterToggleOn:
= Use Ctrl or Shift or Alt + Enter to insert a new line.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_PcSubtextSendMessageWithEnterToggleOff:
= Use Ctrl or Shift or Alt + Enter to send.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_MacSubtextSendMessageWithEnterToggleOn:
= Use Control or Option or Shift + Enter to insert line break.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_MacSubtextSendMessageWithEnterToggleOff:
= Use Control or Option or Shift + Enter to send.
Strings UserSettingsPanel_TabletSubtextSendMessageWithEnter:
= This only applies to external keyboards
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_NdiSkypeWatermarkLocationLabel:
= Skype Watermark
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_NdiWatermarkLocationTopMiddle:
= Top middle
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_NdiWatermarkLocationTopLeft:
= Top left corner
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_NdiWatermarkLocationTopRight:
= Top right corner
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_NdiWatermarkLocationBottomMiddle:
= Bottom middle
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_NdiWatermarkLocationBottomLeft:
= Bottom left corner
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_NdiWatermarkLocationBottomRight:
= Bottom right corner
Strings ReactionsStream_ParticipantUnavailable:
= {participant} unavailable
Strings SetConversationInfoPanel_Title:
= New Group
= New Group Chat
Strings InviteShare_ChangeAvatarVisibility:
= Make your profile picture public so others can see it when you share your profile.
Strings SignInSignUp_SignInWithCorporateAccount:
= Sign in to work or school
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_PhoneVerificationSaveButton:
= Save
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_PhoneVerificationContinueButton:
= Continue
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelConnected:
= PAIRED DEVICES ({count})
Strings SmsConnectRelaySettings_ConnectDevicePanelNoDevices:
= No available device.

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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