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Skype for Android

A new version of Skype for Android has been released. You can install it from the Play Store or download from our blog. As for changes in the Skype for Android, about them nothing is yet known.

Skype for Android

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings quick_actions_change_presence:
= Change Presence
Strings quick_actions_dialpad:
= Dialpad
Strings quick_actions_new_call:
= New Call
Strings quick_actions_new_chat:
= New Chat
Strings quick_actions_recents:
= Recents
Strings com_appboy_api_key:
= f46a67fb-3b0f-4a44-924d-361acaf68fa6
= 90d5ff37-c3c5-4b66-9a30-20b23afa3c27
Strings Browser_DefaultUrlOpenBehaviorPromptTitle:
= Always open web links in the browser?
Strings Browser_DefaultUrlOpenBehaviorPromptMessage:
= Would you like to always open Skype web links in the browser? You can change this later in Settings.
Strings CallControls_VideoOnAccessibilityLabel:
= Video on
Strings CallControls_VideoOffAccessibilityLabel:
= Video off
Strings CallReactionsBar_OpenGallery:
= Open gallery
Strings CallReactionsBar_CloseGallery:
= Close gallery
Strings CallPanel_RinglessCallMessage:
= A notification has been sent to the rest of the group as it is too large to ring.
Strings CallPreview_CallPreviewCallInProgressSubtitle:
= Call in progress...
Strings CapturePreview_RecordingSuccessful:
= Recording successful.
Strings ContactInviteResponder_ConfirmationTextShort:
= {userName} wants to connect with you
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_NameInputPlaceholder:
= Name
= First and last name
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_NameLabel:
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_PhoneLabel:
Strings AddPhoneNumberPanel_ReadOnlyLabel:
= Read only
Strings ContentPanelHeader_SMSConnectConversationTab:
= Phone SMS
Strings ContentPanelHeader_SkypeSMSConversationTab:
= Skype SMS
Strings ContentPanelHeaderTitle_OpenGallery:
= Open gallery
Strings ContentPanelHeaderTitle_CloseGallery:
= Close gallery
Strings ContentToReactTransformer_GifCardIconPreviewLabel:
= {creator} sent a GIF
Strings PeopleYouMayKnowNoticeDialog_HeaderText:
= Find Contacts Easily
Strings PeopleYouMayKnowNoticeDialog_DescriptionText:
= To help find your friends, we'll suggest people with mutual contacts. You can change your privacy settings in Profile > Settings > Contacts, including how people can find you.
Strings SyncAddressBookDialog_DescriptionTextWithPymkNotice:
= To help find your friends, we will periodically sync and store your contacts. We'll also suggest people with mutual contacts. You can change your privacy settings in Profile > Settings > Contacts, including how people can find you.
Strings ColorThemeDialog_SidebarUpper:
Strings ColorThemeDialog_EnableCompactLayout:
= Enable compact list mode
Strings ColorThemeDialog_EnableCompactLayoutIcons:
= Show user and conversation icons
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_OnlyShowActiveNow:
= Only show active contacts
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_ShowAllMyContacts:
= Show all my contacts
Strings FileTransfer_ImageOpenWithFileName:
= {fileName} open image
Strings OneDrive_GenericErrorMessage:
= There is a problem with your OneDrive account. Please sign in to OneDrive to fix the issue.
Strings OneDrive_GoToOneDriveLabel:
= Go to OneDrive
Strings InfoPanel_RemoveContactConfirmationDialogContent:
= Are you sure you want to remove this contact?
Strings InfoPanel_RemoveContactLabel:
= Remove from contact list
Strings InfoPanel_RemoveLabel:
= Remove
Strings InputEntity_CallInviteFallbackText:
= You've been invited to a Skype call. To get the invitation, please download a current version of Skype at
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_ReceiveContactSuggestionsExplanation:
= Receive contact recommendations in People You May Know.
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_ProfileSectionExplanation:
= Your profile is visible to people in your Skype contact list and everyone below.
= Your profile is visible to people in your Skype contact list and everyone below. {learnMoreLink}
Strings MediaBar_GifPickerTitle:
= Open Gif picker
Strings MediaBar_GifPickerActiveTitle:
= Close Gif picker
Strings MediaBar_GifPicker:
= Gifs
Strings MediaBar_PollTitle:
= Create Poll
Strings MediaBar_PollDescription:
= Create a poll
Strings MessageStream_GreetToGetStartedActionLabel:
= {gender, select, female{Say hi to {name} to get started!} male{Say hi to {name} to get started!} other{Say hi to {name} to get started!}}
Strings MessageStream_SayHiButton:
= Say hi
Strings MessageStream_DragAndDropContactToGroupChatTitle:
= Share contact
Strings Moji_PlayMojiButtonTitle:
= Play {mojiName}
Strings PesPicker_GifAttribution:
= From {host}
Strings PesPicker_GifPickerCategoryTrending:
= Trending
Strings PesPicker_GifPickerCategoryLove:
= Love
Strings PesPicker_GifPickerCategoryHappy:
= Happy
Strings PesPicker_GifPickerCategorySad:
= Sad
Strings PesPicker_GifPickerCategoryYes:
= Yes
Strings PesPicker_GifPickerCategoryNo:
= No
Strings PesPicker_GifPickerCategoryParty:
= Party
Strings PesPicker_GifPickerCategoryCute:
= Cute
Strings PesSearch_SearchGifLabel:
= Search Gifs
Strings PSTNPhoneNumberInput_AccessibilityLabelEnteredPhoneNr:
= Entered phone number: {number}
= Phone number: {number}
Strings UserSettingsPanel_NotificationSounds:
= Notification sounds
Strings UserSettingsPanel_NotificationSoundsSecondary:
= Play sounds for new messages
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ReceiveContactSuggestions:
= Receive suggestions
Strings UserSettingsPanel_AutoDownloadFilesTitle:
= Automatically accept incoming files
= Automatically download incoming files
Strings UserSettingsPanel_ManageMicrosoftAccountLinkTitle:
= My Microsoft account
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SetMoodTitle:
= Share what you're up to
Strings PeopleList_NoActiveNowContacts:
= No active contacts Use the filter to show all your contacts.
Strings PeopleList_NoActiveNowContactsWithAction:
= No active contacts It looks like none of your contacts are active right now.
Strings PeopleYouMayKnowLearnMoreView_TurnOff:
= Turn off
Strings PeopleYouMayKnowLearnMoreView_OkGotIt:
= Okay, got it
Strings PeopleYouMayKnowLearnMoreView_Header:
= People you may know
Strings PeopleYouMayKnowLearnMoreView_SettingsLabel:
= Manage People You May know from your settings under Contacts > Privacy.
Strings PeopleYouMayKnowLearnMoreView_Description:
= Find friends quickly on Skype using People you may know. These suggestions are based on mutual contacts you've added or chatted with on Skype.
Strings AdvancedCallingSettingsPanel_EmergencyCallWarningTitleUpperLabel:
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_EnableSubtitlesForAllCallsLabel:
= Show subtitles for all voice and video calls
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_SpokenLanguageLabel:
= Spoken language
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_SpokenLanguageExplanation:
= Improve the accuracy of subtitles for other people on the call by selecting the language you normally speak.
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_SpokenLanguageDefaultLabel:
= Device language
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_SpokenLanguageAppLanguageOverrideDefaultLabel:
= App language
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_SubtitleLanguageLabel:
= Subtitle language
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_SubtitleLanguageExplanation:
= Set a default language for call subtitles to be translated into.
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_LanguageToTranslateSubtitlesToDefaultLabel:
= Device language
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_LanguageToTranslateSubtitlesToAppLanguageOverrideDefaultLabel:
= App language
Strings SignInSignUp_T1MigrationRecoveryHeader:
= Existing profile found
Strings SignInSignUp_T1MigrationRecoveryText:
= It looks like you've previously signed in to Skype on this device. Would you like to use the same account?
Strings SignInSignUp_T1MigrationRecoveryWithUsernameHeader:
= Is this your account?
Strings SignInSignUp_T1MigrationRecoveryWithUsernameText:
= Would you like to try signing in to Skype with this account?
Strings SignInSignUp_T1MigrationRecoverySkipLink:
= No, continue to Support
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectInfoHeader:
= Sending is Disabled
= Sending Skype SMS is disabled
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectInfoTerminalOneWay:
= You can only send SMS using SMS Connect at the moment. You can still read your Skype SMS in this chat. Click the button below to switch to an SMS Connect chat.
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectInfoTerminalTwoWay:
= You can only send SMS using SMS Connect at the moment. You can still receive and read your Skype SMS in this chat. Click the button below to switch to an SMS Connect chat.
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectSwitch:
= Start new SMS
= New SMS
Strings StreamItem_ReadByGroupCount:
= READ BY ({count})
= READ BY {count}
Strings UserPresence_Away:
= {gender, select, female{Away} male{Away} other{Away}}
Strings UserPresence_RecentlyActive:
= {gender, select, female{Recently active} male{Recently active} other{Recently active}}
Strings CallConnectionQualityToast_PoorConnectionTitle:
= Poor connection
Strings CallConnectionQualityToast_PoorConnectionAndAudioOnlyEnabledTitle:
= Poor connection - audio-only
Strings CallConnectionQualityToast_AudioOnlyTitle:
= Audio-only
Strings CallConnectionQualityToast_StartAudioOnlyLinkText:
= Switch to audio-only
Strings CallConnectionQualityToast_StopAudioOnlyLinkText:
= Allow incoming video
Strings CallSubtitleToast_MultipleSpokenLanguageWarningText:
= There are multiple spoken language defaults on this call. Select the language spoken on this call:
Strings Poll_Header:
= Poll
Strings Poll_QuestionTitle:
Strings Poll_QuestionPlaceholder:
= What's your poll question?
Strings Poll_OptionsTitle:
Strings Poll_OptionPlaceholder:
= Option {count}
Strings Poll_MoreOptionsButtonText:
= Add option
Strings Poll_CreateButtonText:
= Create poll
Strings Poll_SummaryButtonText:
= Details
Strings Poll_CreatorText:
= {gender, select, female{{creator} sent a poll to {conversationDisplayName}} male{{creator} sent a poll to {conversationDisplayName}} other{{creator} sent a poll to {conversationDisplayName}}}
Strings Poll_TotalVoteCounts:
= {votedParticipants} of {totalParticipants} people voted to your poll
Strings Poll_ResponsesTitle:
Strings Poll_PlaceholderText:
= Poll card
Strings Poll_StreamItemAccessibilityLabel:
= You have a poll for {question}.
Strings Poll_ViewMoreDetailsText:
= View more for {option}
Strings Poll_VotesListForOptionText:
= Responses for {option}
Strings Poll_RemoveOptionButtonText:
= Remove option
Strings Poll_VoteOptionText:
= Vote for {option}
Strings Poll_UnvoteOptionText:
= Remove vote for {option}
Strings Poll_OptionVoteCounts:
= {votedParticipants} people voted for {option}
Strings ScheduleCall_DeleteDialogMessage:
= Are you sure you want to delete this Skype call? It will be deleted for all invitees.
= Are you sure you want to delete '{subject}'? It will be deleted for everyone.
Strings ScheduleCall_DatePickerPanelHeaderTitle:
= Choose a Date
Strings ScheduleCall_DateTimePickerButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Double tap to show the date time picker
Strings ScheduleCall_DatePickerButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Double tap to show the date picker
Strings ScheduleCall_TimePickerButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Double tap to show the time picker
Strings ScheduleCall_DatePickerCloseAccessibilityLabel:
= Date and time has been set to {date}.
Strings SystemTray_SettingsLabel:
= Show Skype in the Windows System Tray
= Show Skype in the Windows notification area (system tray)
Strings SystemTray_UnreadMessagesLabel:
= {badgeCount, plural, =0{No unread messages} =1{1 Unread Message} other{# Unread Messages}}
= {badgeCount, plural, =0{No unread conversations} =1{1 unread conversation} other{# unread conversations}}
Strings SystemTray_HideIconLabel:
= Hide
Strings quick_actions_sign_in:
= Sign In
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StartAudioOnly:
= Enable audio-only
Strings CallControlsOverFlowMenu_StopAudioOnly:
= Disable audio-only
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_ShowFavorites:
= Show favorites
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_HideFavorites:
= Hide favorites
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_ShowActiveNow:
= Show active now
Strings ContactsPanelFilter_HideActiveNow:
= Hide active now
Strings FileTransfer_AutoDownloadFilesDisclaimerHeader:
= Enable automatic downloads
Strings FileTransfer_AutoDownloadFilesDisclaimerMessage:
= By enabling this setting, Skype will automatically download all new files received in your conversations.
Strings FileTransfer_AutoDownloadFilesDisclaimerAccept:
= Accept
Strings PeopleList_NoActiveContacts:
= You have no active contacts.
Strings SubtitlesSettingsPanel_EnableSubtitlesForAllCalls:
= Show subtitles for all voice and video calls
Strings SkypeSmsToSmsConnectControl_SkypeSmsToSmsConnectInfoTerminal:
= Sending is currently set to use SMS Connect. Click the button below to open a new SMS Connect conversation.
Strings AudioOnlyEnabledToast_AudioOnlyTitle:
= Audio-only enabled
Strings AudioOnlyEnabledToast_StopAudioOnlyLinkText:
= Allow incoming video

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.

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    Robert Batey (karma: +3),
    On Android Tablet skype call comes in and icon to answer flashes and disappears. Only photo icon of caller appears. This is not useful. Calls are received but the App doesn't allow me to respond. I can send calls, though. Others are complaining of this. Android 7.11 on Lenovo Tab 4. I'm told older version worked. Hmmm. How about fixing this, Microsoft. My settings are set properly.

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