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Problems with sending messages and sign-in

From the official Skype Heartbeat blog: We are actively investigating problem, preventing users from signing-in and sending Skype-to-Skype messages! We'll let you know as soon, as issues are resolved.

Number of users confirming this error: ???

Information about this error was published automatically. Soon the information will be reviewed by the administrator.

Chronicle of events:

  • Error formally confirmed

  • The issue has been fully resolved.


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    Franklin Hummel (karma: +6),
    I installed the new Skype update (v. and am now getting the endless blue spinning wheel.

    I looked at many other post here with people who have had this problem and did *not* find anything useful to solving it.

    . . .
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    sadman (karma: +7),
    As of april first attempted to log in using after first install with msi thinking i could avoid various login issues i have heard of but im getting an endless spinning wheel and large amount of ram usage. I am on window 7 and have Internet explorer 11.0.9600.17959CO with enabled cookies on medium privacy setting. I know someone else who tried to update to the latest version and has explorer 11 on winows 8.1 and said they could not log in with cookies on. They downgraded back to they had before and could log in. I use a list of disallowed urls in internet explorer intended to block ads and he has a host file mod to block ads. I do not have blocked like many say to do for ad blocking it's an older list of ad servers on msn, live, microsoft, doubleclick, and so on. Not sure if that is the cause or not. I tried the little trick to use 6.20 and got that to log in but it's not displaying statuses properly and I keep getting a spinning wheel with various messages not sending but some make it eventually. It also has lost my favourites list, and is displaying that ad banner box empty above chats popping up then going away which the later is annoying of an issue i havent had in a year although this may be from running the exe in a location not in the program folder. I might have to try another version that is above the cuttoff point to log in and send messages properly but Im at a total loss now what version to do. My computer is slow from a nearly dying HDD that overheats and i have slow internet so i cant just try all versions out there. Im not sure if it's better to keep working on getting 6.20 to work or to just find a tolerable 7.17 and up version. Such a pain. :(
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      Administrator (karma: +1182),
      Hi! Please install Skype for Windows and let me know what problems you encountered. Thereafter I will try to give you some recommendations how to fix them.
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        Franklin Hummel (karma: +6),
        Far too little, far too late.

        I went back 3 versions of Skype and am currently using that one with no problem.

        If I update Skype again, it will ONLY be after I have read reviews and other customers' comment to be sure that current one WORKS.

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          Administrator (karma: +1182),
          Sorry for misleading, but my comment was addressed to sadman.

          About your issue, all my recommendations are published here: Network status on Skype for Windows constantly spins.
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        sadman (karma: +7),
        I ran into an issue installing first try had to forcibly end the skypefullsetup exe and try to install again. I ran into the same problem i described above. It just gets stuck on the login page with the spinning icon and if i wait several minutes nothing happens on login. Auto login doesnt get past it either. As for my friend their problem apparently was different they had manually blocked the skypebrowserhosst exe but I did no such thing. As it was before i was still able to open up skype 6.20 store in a different location on my hard drive . I get no error messages popping up and it used as much ram as it did before 300,000k and it did drop own to 2,000k at some point after a few minutes then climb back up again. Is it from me blocking an ad server in explorer? I have all the default settings for security and i have cookies allowed at the one below the dsallow. Im not sure what is going on since clearly it accepts my login since i am able to open 6.20 on auo login after doing that. I checked what port is is set to and it's same port I see in the settings for the old skype exe im using so i dont think my firewall is blocking skype. This is causing me o much greif and stress since i have someone i have to check up on but I suspect a glitch on their mobile which makes them not appear online properly might make it so i cant send messages to them or maybe they just havent been on idk.
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        sadman (karma: +7),
        Any help? :/ Do you know what might be wrong? :/ I searched around some and it's hard to find info on if anyone had same issue. I can't figure out why both and ran into the same issue but I had no problem with even during the purge of old versions when using that trick to log in. I dont recall what version but one of the versions when the design first changed to those chat bubbles also was able to sign in fine years ago (but I didnt use that version i downgraded immediately) so I don't know if that helps explain what may be going on. Something changed in the program itself I think at some point that is causing this issue to arise. I doubt updating to will fix it either since versions years apart in when they were made had the same issue for me. I found an old youtube vid from 2013 where a person has the same thing happening that i see. I am not using a proxy like they described in their comments on that vid though which they said they fixed. I have a bad ISP, Hugheset,so I am not sure if that is playing a role. I also found a post somewhere someone on the Mac version of skype that had trouble logging in from their skype conected to a microsoft acounnt but I did not merge my skype with any account, it's just a skype name. One instance of Skypebrowserhost.exe opens while trying to log in. I tried deleting all my blocked URLs of ad servers from the Internet explorer settings just in case and that did not fix the problem. :( This is similar to what I see but with the newer signing in design.
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          Administrator (karma: +1182),
          Please try to reboot into safe mode with networking, be sure that your antivirus/firewall is disabled, and launch Skype and check if issue still exists.
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          miko (karma: +300),
          I have the same as it is on this video from 2013. My normal skype and my skype portable work good but my skype portable sing in forever.

          [Updated ]
          I reboot into safe mode with networking and my skype working but i didn't disabled antivirus/firewall.

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