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The new version of Skype for Windows is ready for download (but not recommended yet), and no doubt will please users who do not like the links preview feature…
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    Katherine (karma: +6),
    I've been having trouble receiving and sending image/files with my computer window 7 ultimate 64 bit. I've tried installing different version of skype but still the problem occurs. I even tried to reformat my computer hoping that it will resolve the problem. I also installed the latest version of Skype7-29-0-101 but it also won't do the trick. I desperately needed it for work. I usually have to send a screenshot of something but lately it won't work. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
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      Administrator (karma: +1187),
      Hello Katherine! Can you please explain what happens when you send a file (loads continuously, error occurs or something else)? Also is important to know what type of file you are trying to send (images, music, video, archives or others) and if problem occurs for all file types or only with specific ones (ie, you cannot send any files at all, or you can send only archive files while not images). And the last question, you cannot send files to anyone, or only to certain contacts?

      Also, please using browser Internet Explorer (very important to use this browser) open this page, press «Check» button and at the completion of test copy the URL of the report and paste it here.
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    Sean (karma: 0),
    I had the same problem with behind webmarshal proxy, without proxy it works fine. I confirmed old version I had worked OK behind proxy, and then jumped to version 7.27.101 which also works fine behind proxy. Microsoft must have changed some handshaking or ports...
    Symptoms, all appeared on line and OK, but unable to receive or make calls, just never connects.
    Thanks for your site, I could get this later working version.
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      John (karma: +1),
      Have same issue. If you manually set the proxy in IE, it works on calling. If you don't and have autodiscover (wpad.dat) or explorer.pac listed, then it logs in, works for IM but you cant make calls.
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    fred (karma: 0),
    When someone calls it no longer leaves a message who called and if i try to click on the button when the call is coming in i cannot get it to answer

    Every trime you make changes you mess up something that was working before
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    Administrator (karma: +1187),
    Hello everybody! If you cannot make or receive calls, please read this article.
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    Paul (karma: 0),
    Have Skype installed on Windows 10 and now unable to connect. Any ideas appreciated. It did work on earlier versions.
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    kb80 (karma: +8),
    The long standing GDI leak problem seems to be fixed, too. It was present in range 7.6-7.28 (more than 1 year!). Consumed approx. 1000 GDI objects after login, and then didn't release them at logout, so at re-login additional ~1000 GDI were used. Tested on XP and WIN7 systems. At normal operation the program uses not more than 500 GDI objects.

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