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Released a minor release of Skype for Windows, but it is not known yet what's new in this version. Most likely Skype for Windows fixes some kind of error…
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    edwado (karma: +8),
    are you sure that the is the latest version ? I have the that includes some changes about the design :) ( )
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      Administrator (karma: +1206),
      Hi edwado! Yeah, I'm pretty sure that is the latest version at this moment. About — as is indicated above, it's a affiliate version from Excite company. In case you did not know, versioning of Skype for Windows uses the following model: [major].[minor].[partner].[patch].
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        Edson (karma: -1),
        What [partner] means, exactly?
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          Administrator (karma: +1206),
          In the Skype version the [partner] is an ID which represents the partner number (if [partner] is equal to "0", this means that installer was downloaded without an intermediary partner). According to official page: Skype partners sell Skype Credit and other Skype products in their own stores or online. To provide you with the best possible service, they handle all of your payment and customer support.
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    kb80 (karma: +8),
    " (?)", " (?)"

    59 and 73 are not really partner ID's.

    59 was the ID of the spell check version (6.x and earlier 7.x). The function is only available in Windows 8 and later, so partner 59 was identical with partner 0, when running on older systems. However the spell check (59) version was merged with the standard (0) version later, so 59 doesn't exist anymore.

    73 is the Messenger-upgrade version. When the user upgrades from MSN/Windows Live Messenger (or updates from earlier x.x.73.x Skype), he/she actually gets that. The only difference in 0 and 73 is, that the login screen prefers the Microsoft account over the Skype account at starting.

    More info:
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    Dani (karma: +7),
    This Version is worthless. my messages keeps getting stalled as "not delivered yet".
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      Administrator (karma: +1206),
      Hi Dani! Please note that your problem is a temporary server side issue (not related to any Skype version). Please read details here: Problems with sending instant messages in Skype chat.
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    Gailie Marie (karma: +6),
    hi ive been using skype guess more than 3 yrs , it was 4 days ago when I got kicked out of skype then when i tried logging back it unable to sign in and even i reset, change password it doesn't allow me this is what it always show even if I already change password 5x
    Sorry, we didn’t recognize your sign-in details. Please check your Skype Name and password, then try again.
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      Administrator (karma: +1206),
      Hi! First of all try to log in into Skype for Web using your login and last password, then let me know if you logged in successfully.

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