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Went live new version of Skype for Windows in which messaging will be disabled until the interlocutor will not accept the contact request…
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    Echo / Sound Test Service (karma: +3),
    I am pissed at the text reading "Messaging disabled until request is accepted". This is a real inconvenience for me, because I enjoyed talking to people who were (at-the-time) question marks. I believe Skype should go back to being what it was before this came into effect.
    1. 1 -1 2
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      On other side, I think it’s the right way: if people did not accepted someone’s request, it means that he/she don’t want to talk to requester. In addition, more often this was convenient for spammers.

      Anyway, if you want to bring it back, submit a new idea on official community arguing why this behavior is so important for Skype users.
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    Allen MacCannell (karma: 0),
    This is completely uncalled for. Someone must have thought "if it works, let's fix it".

    I am very active on Skype and almost never face a determined spammer who writes more than half a sentence before I know they're spammers and they're blocked and that's that. Spammers know the best targets are those who will actively pursue them because they like a fake photo or for some other dumb reason. So they're not too intrusive. They just send an invite (I get such once a week) and that's that. You block them because you just know they're spammers or because they gave no good answer to "who are you."

    This decision by dummies at Skype implies that being on Skype is somehow different from walking on the street. Sure, some people on the street might beg for money and, if I were super attractive, some strangers might beg for a date, but it's nothing to make any laws that presume people who approach others are bad or unwanted.

    Skype needs to make it so the default is approachability and this can be changed in Settings. Period. End of story.
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      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hi! As I wrote here, is most likely that this is a bug, because it ignores the «allow IMs from anyone» option from the Privacy Settings.
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    Bogdan Rangleov (karma: +65),
    Please return back that only hoster can drop call's for other member in the call.My friend is always kicking my friend's from call
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      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hi! Seems your chat is do not have enabled moderation feature. Please execute the following command to enable it:
      /set options +MODERATED

      More details can be found here: Skype chat commands.
      1. 0 0 0
        Bogdan Rangleov (karma: +65),
        Ok and then nobody cannot kick from group? i mean in newer versions everyone can kick out of call my friend's

        [Updated 23 jan 2017 at 22:53]
        I set thet and again my friends and hoster can kick from mine group how to set that administrator can only kick people from call
        1. 0 0 0
          Bogdan Rangleov (karma: +65),
          *** see i am administrator and hoster of this call and anyone can kick people and they are kicking me off call but i can get back anytime i am admin
        2. 0 0 0
          Bogdan Rangleov (karma: +65),
          Hi, my group and I use Skype for all of our games, and recently one of our friends who screws around kicks us even though he isn't the host. Everyone in the call can kick anyone else (they can still rejoin) but can still kick anyone, even the admin. How do we fix this? This happens in ANY group call. Is this a bug on Skype's end? We are using the latest version of Skype.
        3. 0 0 0
          Administrator (karma: +1193),
          Hi! Did you executed the command I mentioned? What’s the result of /showmembers and /get options commands?
          1. 0 0 0
            Bogdan (karma: +65),
            Yes i did but aggain everyone can kick everyone one of us not just the hoster in earlier version's of Skype only hoster could kick people from call :(
            1. 0 0 0
              Administrator (karma: +1193),
              Please provide results of both commands.
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    Kevin Boff (karma: 0),
    since the change also you canot send sms from skype either to some countries now !
  5. 0 0 0
    Benjamin (karma: 0),
    which was the last desktop version to have the import facebook contacts feature?
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hi! Sorry, I don’t know. But you should try versions earlier than 7.5 (a list of old versions can be found here). If you’ll find it, please share it with us.
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    Mitchi (karma: 0),
    Since I updated all calls end after 12s. I can't even reach the Echo-Service
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      Administrator (karma: +1193),
      Hi! Your issue looks like a restriction of your proxy or firewall. Please take a look at this article: Cannot make calls and no dial tone in Skype for Windows.

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