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Skype for Android

A new version of Skype for Android has been released. You can install it from the Play Store or download from our blog. As for changes in the Skype for Android, about them nothing is yet known.

Skype for Android

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The following table contains the list of known changes in version Skype for Android. This will help you to find out what's new in Skype for Android, which errors have been fixed, what work did developers, and a lot of other interesting things.

Strings AccessibilityLabel_Sticker:
= a sticker {stickerName}
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleAudioAlternative1:
= Test your sound
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleAudioAlternative2:
= Test your audio
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleAudioAlternative3:
= Check microphone and speakers
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleAudioAlternative4:
= Hello hello?
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleAudioAlternative5:
= First, your audio
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleVideoAlternative1:
= Test your video
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleVideoAlternative2:
= Test your camera
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleVideoAlternative3:
= Check camera
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleVideoAlternative4:
= {gender, select, female{Oh hi {name}} male{Oh hi {name}} other{Oh hi {name}}}
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleVideoAlternative4NoName:
= Oh hi!
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleVideoAlternative5:
= Next, your video
Strings AudioVideoSettings_AVTestTitleVideoAlternative6:
= Set up your camera
Strings BalanceStatePanel_AtuEnabledAccessibilityLabel:
= Auto-recharge enabled
Strings BalanceStatePanel_AtuDisabledAccessibilityLabel:
= Auto-recharge disabled
Strings OfferCard_ContinuePurchaseButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Proceed with {offerName} purchase
Strings CallPanel_SnapshotPosted:
= Snapshot posted
Strings CapturePanel_QRCodeStartChatTitle:
= Contact found.
Strings CapturePanel_QRCodeStartChatMessage:
= Would you like to start a chat?
Strings CapturePanel_QRCodeStartChatMessageConfirm:
= Start a Chat
Strings ContentPanelHeaderTitle_ProfessionalAccountProfile:
= Business Profile
Strings ContentToReactTransformer_StickerMediaIconPreviewLabel:
= Sticker
Strings CreateReminderPanel_SetReminderTitle:
= Set Reminder
Strings CreateReminderPanel_SetReminderButton:
= Set Reminder
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChooseProfilePicHeaderTextAlternative1:
= Let them know it’s you
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChooseProfilePicHeaderTextAlternative2:
= Help friends identify you
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChooseProfilePicHeaderTextAlternative3:
= Share a friendly face
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChooseProfilePicHeaderTextAlternative4:
= Personalize your profile
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChooseProfilePicHeaderTextAlternative5:
= Add a profile picture
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChangeProfilePicHeaderTextAlternative1:
= Help friends identify you
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChangeProfilePicHeaderTextAlternative2:
= Share a friendly face
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChangeProfilePicHeaderTextAlternative3:
= Personalize your profile
Strings AvatarPickerDialog_ChangeProfilePicHeaderTextAlternative4:
= Keep your picture updated
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_ShowFavorites:
= Show favorites
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_HideFavorites:
= Hide favorites
Strings IntegrationsView_RecentCategory:
Strings IntegrationsView_RecentCategoryDescription:
= Your recently used
Strings IntegrationsView_FeaturedCategory:
= Featured
Strings IntegrationsView_FeaturedCategoryDescription:
= Recommended for you
Strings IntegrationsView_MediaCategory:
Strings IntegrationsView_MediaCategoryDescription:
= Share GIFs and videos
Strings IntegrationsView_ProductivityCategory:
Strings IntegrationsView_ProductivityCategoryDescription:
= Do more in conversation
Strings IntegrationsView_InformationCategory:
Strings IntegrationsView_InformationCategoryDescription:
= Find restaurants, movies, news and more
Strings HighlightsPanel_CreateHighlightsLabel:
= Create a highlight.
= Create a highlight
Strings HighlightsPanel_CreateHighlightsLabel2:
= Share more with friends.
= Start sharing with friends
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_NewUserIntroCardTitle:
= Share your life on highlights
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_NewUserIntroCardDescription:
= Share your favorite photos and videos of the day and catch up with highlights from the people you care about most.
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ManageUsersCardTitle:
= Who can view your highlights?
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ManageUsersCardDescription:
= Your highlights will only be viewable to your Skype contacts. Control who can see your highlights in Settings.
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_GetStartedButtonLabel:
= Get started
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ReturningUserCardTitle:
= Welcome back to highlights
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ReturningUserCardDescription:
= It’s now even easier to share highlights with friends and family on Skype.
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ReturningUserCardSecondaryDescription:
= Your highlights are now visible to all your Skype contacts.
Strings HighlightsOnboardingCarousel_ManageUsersButtonLabel:
= Manage
Strings HighlightsItemView_TapToChatButtonLabel:
= Chat
Strings HighlightsItemView_TapToViewLinkLabel:
= See more
Strings InputEntity_StickerFallbackText:
= A sticker was sent to you, but this version of Skype doesn't support it. Get the latest Skype version at
Strings InviteFreePreview_NewPeople:
= {count, plural, =1{1 new person} other{{count} new people}}
Strings InviteFreePreview_InviteFreeContactsHeader:
Strings InviteFreePeoplePanel_PanelTitle:
= People you've engaged with
Strings InviteFreePeoplePanel_CloseButtonAccessibilityLabel:
= Close people you've engaged with panel.
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_SearchVisibilityStateEnabled:
= Enabled
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_SearchVisibilityStateDisabled:
= Disabled
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_PhoneVerificationActionDisable:
= Disable
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_PhoneVerificationActionEnable:
= Enable
Strings MarkConversationsReadConfirmationDialog_DialogTitle:
= Mark all as read
Strings MarkConversationsReadConfirmationDialog_MarkReadButtonTitle:
= Mark all as read
Strings MarkConversationsReadConfirmationDialog_MarkReadDialogContent:
= Are you sure you want to mark all conversations as read?
Strings MediaBar_StickerPickerTitle:
= Open Sticker picker
Strings MediaBar_StickerPickerActiveTitle:
= Close Sticker picker
Strings MediaBar_StickerPickerErrorText:
= There was a problem loading Stickers, please try again later.
Strings MediaPickerPanel_Capture:
= Capture
Strings MessageStream_MessagesSelected:
= {count, plural, =1{{count} Selected} other{{count} Selected}}
= Selected Messages: {count}
Strings MessageStream_MessageCopied:
= Copied to clipboard
Strings MyHighlightsPanel_ActiveHighlightsTitle:
Strings MyHighlightsPanel_ArchivedHighlightsTitle:
Strings MyHighlightsPanel_CreateHighlightDescriptionText:
= Start sharing with friends
Strings MyHighlightsPanel_NoArchivedHighlightsText:
= Your highlights will be archived automatically after 7 days.
Strings Notifications_StickerBody:
= Sticker
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle7:
= Selfies 🤳 are lot more fun with new Skype. Personalize them with photo effects, stickers, or drawings
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle8:
= More fun for everyone. Bring friends and family together with colorful group chats and a whole lot of 😜😳😂
Strings Notifications_OEMNotificationSubTitle9:
= Personalize it in a hue that’s you, share your favorite GIFs and say it in style 👌
Strings PesPicker_RecentStickerTabTitle:
= Recently used Stickers
Strings PesPicker_RecentStickerPackTitle:
= Recent
= Recently Used Stickers
Strings PesPicker_RecentCaptureStickerPackTitle:
= Recently
Strings PesPicker_SearchStickers:
= Search stickers
Strings PesPicker_StickerTitle:
= Moji
= Stickers
Strings PesSearch_StickerPickerNoResultsSearchText:
= No stickers found.
Strings PesSearch_SearchStickerLabel:
= Search Stickers
Strings PesSearch_SearchResultsAnnouncementStickers:
= {count, plural, =0{No stickers found.} =1{1 sticker found.} other{# stickers found.}}
Strings Onboarding_LandingScreenStartConversationAlternativeCallToAction:
= Start a conversation
Strings Onboarding_LandingScreenStartConversationDescription:
= Search for someone to start chatting with or go to Contacts to see who is available.
Strings Onboarding_EditMoodMessageButtonTitle:
= Edit mood message
Strings Onboarding_SaveMoodMessageButtonTitle:
= Save mood message
Strings PSTNDialerPanel_InvalidNumberError:
= The number you entered is invalid, please check and try again.
Strings RecentCallsHelper_NoRecentCallsAlternativeLayoutTitle:
= Skype to Skype calls are free
Strings RecentCallsHelper_NoRecentCallsAlternativeLayoutDescription:
= Voice or video call anyone on Skype for free - no matter where they are.
Strings RecentCallsHelper_NoRecentCallsAlternativeLayoutLink:
= Learn about calling mobile and landlines
Strings ShareGroup_ShareGroupLinkButtonTitle:
= Share Link
Strings UserSettingsPanel_CortanaNotebookTitle:
= Cortana's Notebook
Strings UserSettingsPanel_DefaultCountryAccessibilityLabel:
= Your country region, {countryTitle}, selected, collapsed
Strings UserSettingsPanel_SetDefaultCountryAccessibilityLabel:
= Set your country and region
Strings PeopleList_GenericPeopleHeaderWithCount:
= PEOPLE ({count})
Strings PeopleList_NewPeopleHeaderWithCount:
= NEW PEOPLE ({count})
Strings PeopleList_AddAllButtonTitle:
= Add all
Strings CallingSettingsPanel_CallForwardingLabel:
= Call forwarding
= Call forwarding and voicemail
Strings PromptPermissionPanel_HeaderTextAlternative1:
= You're almost set
Strings PromptPermissionPanel_HeaderTextAlternative2:
= Almost done
Strings PromptPermissionPanel_HeaderTextAlternative3:
= Get calls and chats ready
Strings PromptPermissionPanel_HeaderTextAlternative4:
= Almost there
Strings PromptPermissionPanel_HeaderTextAlternative5:
= One final step
Strings PromptPermissionPanel_HeaderTextAlternative6:
= Finish setup
Strings ResetLanguageOption_ar:
= لغة الجهاز
Strings ResetLanguageOption_bg:
= Език на устройството
Strings ResetLanguageOption_ca:
= Idioma del dispositiu
Strings ResetLanguageOption_cs:
= Jazyk zařízení
Strings ResetLanguageOption_da:
= Enhedssprog
Strings ResetLanguageOption_de:
= Gerätesprache
Strings ResetLanguageOption_el:
= Γλώσσα συσκευής
Strings ResetLanguageOption_en:
= Device language
Strings ResetLanguageOption_es:
= Idioma del dispositivo
Strings ResetLanguageOption_et:
= Seadme keel
Strings ResetLanguageOption_fi:
= Laitteen kieli
Strings ResetLanguageOption_fr:
= Langue de l'appareil
Strings ResetLanguageOption_he:
= ‎שפת מכשיר
Strings ResetLanguageOption_hi:
= डिवाइस की भाषा
Strings ResetLanguageOption_hr:
= Jezik uređaja
Strings ResetLanguageOption_hu:
= Az eszköz nyelve
Strings ResetLanguageOption_id:
= Bahasa perangkat
Strings ResetLanguageOption_it:
= Lingua del dispositivo
Strings ResetLanguageOption_ja:
= デバイスの言語
Strings ResetLanguageOption_ko:
= 장치 언어
Strings ResetLanguageOption_lt:
= Įrenginio kalba
Strings ResetLanguageOption_lv:
= Ierīces valoda
Strings ResetLanguageOption_ms:
= Bahasa peranti
Strings ResetLanguageOption_nb:
= Språk for enheten
Strings ResetLanguageOption_nl:
= Taal van het apparaat
Strings ResetLanguageOption_pl:
= Język urządzenia
Strings ResetLanguageOption_pt:
= Idioma do dispositivo
Strings ResetLanguageOption_ro:
= Limba dispozitivului
Strings ResetLanguageOption_ru:
= Язык устройства
Strings ResetLanguageOption_sk:
= Jazyk zariadenia
Strings ResetLanguageOption_sl:
= Jezik naprave
Strings ResetLanguageOption_sr:
= Jezik uređaja
Strings ResetLanguageOption_sv:
= Enhetsspråk
Strings ResetLanguageOption_th:
= ภาษาของอุปกรณ์
Strings ResetLanguageOption_tr:
= Cihaz dili
Strings ResetLanguageOption_uk:
= Мова пристрою
Strings ResetLanguageOption_vi:
= Ngôn ngữ thiết bị
Strings ShareWithPanel_TextMessageWarningSharingWithHighlights:
= Text messages are not supported on Highlights
Strings SignInSignUp_WelcomeToSkypeHeader:
= Welcome to Skype
Strings SignInSignUp_WelcomeBackHeader:
= Welcome back
Strings SignInSignUp_UseAnotherAccount:
= Use another account
Strings SignInSignUp_SignInWithHeader:
= Sign in with...
Strings SignInSignUp_ContinueAs:
= Continue as {name}
Strings SignInSignUp_SkypeCannotBeUsedAsTelephoneReplacement:
= Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and should not be used to send emergency SMS or calls.
Strings SignInSignUp_NewFeaturesText:
= New features.
Strings SignInSignUp_NewLookText:
= New look.
Strings SignInSignUp_AllSkypeText:
= All Skype.
Strings SignInSignUp_LetsGoButtonText:
= Let's go
Strings StreamItem_ReadByCount:
= READ BY ({count})
Strings StreamItem_ReadByMarkerAccessibilityLabel:
= {count, plural, =1{Conversation read up to this point by 1 person.} other{Conversation read up to this point by {count} people.}}
Strings StreamItem_ReadByPopupAccessibilityTitle:
= People who have read the conversation up to this point
Strings StreamItem_ClickToSeeMoreReadReceiptsTitle:
= Click to see more
Strings CallRecorderToast_StopRecordingLinkText:
= Stop recording.
Strings CallRecorderToast_IsRecordingText:
= {name} is recording.
Strings CallRecorderToast_PrivacyStatementText:
= Avoid legal snags by telling people they're being recorded.
Strings CallRecorderToast_RecordingInitiatorMorePrivacyInfoLinkText:
= More privacy info
Strings CallRecorderToast_MorePrivacyInfoLinkText:
= Click here for more privacy info.
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_ShowCategories:
= Show categories
Strings DesktopRecentsFilter_HideCategories:
= Hide categories
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_SearchVisibilityStateVisible:
= Visible
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_SearchVisibilityStateHidden:
= Hidden
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_PhoneVerificationActionHide:
= Hide
Strings ManageSearchInfoPanel_PhoneVerificationActionShow:
= Show
Strings SingleTapSignIn_ExistingAccountLabel:
= Sign in
Strings SingleTapSignIn_RejectSingleTapSignInButtonLabel:
= Sign in with a different account
Strings GetStartedPanel_NewFeaturesText:
= New features.
Strings GetStartedPanel_NewLookText:
= New look.
Strings GetStartedPanel_AllSkypeText:
= All Skype.
Strings GetStartedPanel_LetsGoButtonText:
= Let's go

Of course, we could miss something, but we are happy for any help in drawing up the complete list of changes, so if you know any details about this version, or have noticed a mistake leave a comment and we will complement or correct the information.


  1. 0 0 0
    Rick (karma: +180),
    Have you heard anything about Skype Android leaving people in a state where they never truly show as offline? I've been seeing that in my case. As of about a week ago, people either see me as green, when I'm using Skype, or Away, when I'm away OR logged out. It's very annoying and never used to happen. It seems like a clear bug in the "presence" mechanism in Skype. I've tried logging out countless times with both the version of Skype mentioned in this post and Lite, which I think was the version that started the problem (as soon as I used Lite for the first time, the problem happened).

    There is no other client involved to be causing this, though of course we can no longer run /showplaces to be able to see what Skype might think is happening.
    1. 0 0 0
      Administrator (karma: +1190),
      I'm not sure if this workaround is still working, but earlier such bugs were fixed by changing the password.

      Not the same as /showplaces, but you can analyse your recent activity on this page (maybe there really exists an online device logged with your account.).
      1. 0 0 0
        Rick (karma: +180),
        Yes, the PW change is one thing I saw mentioned somewhere, but it didn't help. The account activity page reflects email-related access for me, nothing about Skype.

        I've since confirmed that the problem is triggered by the use of Skype Lite, the nicer, cleaner version of Skype for Android. It must "flip" something in the Skype account, and once it's flipped, it's that way forever.

        Here's the way that MS is trying to spin this problem: "Away" is not supported, and any clients that might show it are obsolete.

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