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Your.MD bot
Developer : Your.MD (
Languages : en
Channels : skype, msteams, webchat
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Your.MD checks symptoms to keep you healthy - anytime, anywhere and for FREE. Ask any health question, or describe your symptoms and our AI will find relevant, trusted health information. Capabilities: Send and receive messages 24/7; This bot will have access to your Skype Name, and any chat messages or content that you or other group participants share with it; Your.MD provides useful information but isn’t a substitute for professional medical advice.


  1. 2 +1 1
    Matteo (karma: +1),
    This is one of the best bots I have ever came across. I can get fast and accurate medical information anytime. This is so much better than Google!
  2. 1 +1 0
    David (karma: +1),
    Interesting symptom checker bot giving you medical info. Worth trying.
  3. 1 +1 0
    Loris (karma: +1),
    Excellent medical advice, and by just pushing some buttons on a keyword..
  4. 1 +1 0
    Ella (karma: +1),
    LOVE this app, if you are like me and always self diagnosing yourself through google with all sorts of inaccurate things you will love this, so nice to get some accurate information on what may actually be wrong!
  5. 1 0 1
    Darryl (karma: 0),
    A really helpful tool that gives great health information when you're feeling unwell or simply want reassurance!
  6. 0 0 0
    Vytaute (karma: 0),
    This is great, fast set up and you are ready to type in your symptoms and it got it right! Also some interesting medical quiz and tips. Refreshing compared to searching through endless Google search results.
  7. 0 0 0
    Sanja (karma: 0),
    Undoubtedly the best medical symptoms checker app in the market. Once it assesses your most likely condition, it even refers you to the providers that can help you, such as getting prescriptions on line, talk to a doctor service etc. I adore the tests they offer, they're fun and very informative. A very useful feature is also a database of diseases.
  8. 0 0 0
    SDoo (karma: 0),
    Impressive app! Not sure how they're doing it but it was 100% accurate for me!
    The tests are informative too!

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