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Skype for Android is a free app for smartphones and tablets, which allows users to make free audio and video calls, and send instant messages and files between Skype users. Also, via Skype for Android, you can call to mobile/landline phones and send SMS messages at very low rates almost anywhere in the world…
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    I can not use Skype.
    My name : ***
    Email: ***
    Password: ***
    Code: ***
    Phone number : ***

    Skype login is impossible for me.
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      Hello dear Hamid! First of all, please never publish your confidential information on any website. About your problem, can you explain please which error occurs and what is your Skype version?
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    I can buy on euro.....i'm europen
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      Hey! Can you explain please what do you mean?
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    I can't access my skype
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      In order to help you, please provide more details about your system, and specify the Skype version and error message that occurs.
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    is there a particular reason why the site doesnt seem to archive Android versions anymore? The latest available here is 7.11 while the latest release is 7.43.

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      Hi! Sorry for this, but the only reason is that I do not have time to publish them. I hope that I will find the time to do this and keep all versions up-to-date.
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    John Etta,
    Please help.
    I cannot get skype started. I have downloaded a million skypes. no result.
    On my home page when I pull up skype I get this message...Skype free- IM & Video calls NOT COMPATIBLE
    My Android is old (DOG) . I have down loaded old versions , new versions of skype. I keep gett ing the same old message ...not compatible. I am going out of my mind with this same old message.
    Please tell what version of skype I need to download and install. please. help. I have my old android about 3-4 years. I go to play store and download skype... no good. same not compaible.
    I need an old version for my old "dog".
    Please help and tell me what version of skype to download and where I can find it.
    Please help. I need help.
    Thank you.
    John Etta.
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      Hi! I can be wrong, but either your device is no longer supported or you have a ARMv6 processor. To say for sure, I need more technical details about your device and if possible, please make a screenshot of the error.
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    Hi, I installed your 7.11. version on my Huawei, using Android 6.0.1. I was looking for an older version for a while, because the latest skype version is incompatible (messages appear sent but the contacts don't receive anything, no sync for contact list, doesn't recognize my account altogether). Your skype version is unable to connect to skype. Could you please tell me how to fix it? The firewall is disabled, the AVG as well.
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    Skype for Android version 6 could not connect now, and the latest version has proceeded to 8, which have a new design I don't like. I have a version Do you need it?
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      Thanks for the suggestion! I have a collection of all versions, but I do not have time to upload and publish them to the blog. Nevertheless, if necessary, I will contact you.

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