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Failed to send large files via Skype

Since recently, users have begun to notice a failure when sending large files via Skype: «Not sent - File is larger than 300,0 MB". This is related to the fact that now all the files are uploaded to the cloud server. Thanks to this change, you can send the file to your friend, even if he is offline, and when he will launch Skype, he will receive your file even if you will not be online (that is, this works just as well as instant messages or images). In addition, if you accidentally delete the file from your computer, within 30 days, you can download it from Skype.

Without doubt, many people (including me) like the new feature of Skype, but at the same time, there are some problems that negatively affect the quality and convenience of the file transfer, especially if the sides are in the same country or in the same city. The most critical ones are:
  • Reduced speed. Even if the sides are on the same local network, the data transfer speed will be significantly limited, because the files will be uploaded on a remote server (probably located in another country).

  • Additional fee for Internet traffic. Many Internet providers encourage the use of internal traffic, when external traffic is limited and more expensive. That's why sending files to the cloud server of Skype will entail additional expenses.

  • Limitation of the size of files. From now the maximum size of a file for sending is 300MB, and maybe it’s enough for most of users, and the rest can use other programs or services for transferring large files. Anyway, it’s much more convenient to send files of any size right on Skype.

  • Too long transfer. Due to the fact that first the file is sent to a cloud server and only then it can be downloaded, even if the speed is not limited, the recipient will have to wait twice normal.

Given the above, I propose to solve all problems by allowing users, if necessary, to enable and use the P2P transfer of files – that is, to send the files directly to the partner without sending them to the cloud server. Ideally, the settings of the program should have the following options:
  • Use P2P file transfer if the size exceeds [x] MB
  • Use P2P file transfer if the partner is on the same local network
  • Use P2P file transfer for the following extensions: [zip, tar, dmg]
  • Always use P2P file transfer.

What to do next?

If you like the above idea and you are ready to support it, write in comments your remarks and subscribe to news. If at least 100 people are ready to support the idea, we'll move on to the next step and try together to convince developers that these settings are very important.

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    Samphy (karma: 0),
    Yes please... This 300MB limit alone is enough to make me leave Skype !

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