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Has been released a new version of Skype for Windows, which adds new option to hide or show username on Windows taskbar or in the top left hand corner of Skype…
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    frisco (karma: +6),
    This also added support for bots in group conversation and cards:
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    David (karma: 0),
    This version does not work at all for me; I get playback errors if I try to make any sort of calls. I've had to revert to an older version; the several versions before had this problem as well, but I could still call some people. Then it got worse.
    1. 0 -2 2
      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hi David! Can you specify exactly which errors occur? And please indicate more details about your system (at least, Skype version and which operating system do you use).
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        jaye (karma: 0),
        Having issues also, use older version too.
        I/O Database error.
        Drop call.
        ver 7.26
        Win 8.1
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    Ali (karma: 0),
    this version of skype also creating error like disk i/o error and not enough storage available to process this command my operating system is windows 8.1 skype 7.26.101 version i try finiding solution but i failed to solve please help
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      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hi! Be sure that you have installed the latest version of Microsoft Net Framework.
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    Norris Plascott (karma: 0),
    In Skype "Version." , In Tools the option drop down menu does not appear. As I like to delete all messages using "privacy". As other people in my apartment, use the same Skype. I am using Windows xp Sp3
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      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hello! How about to use keyboard hotkey Ctrl+,?
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    Nexus (karma: 0),
    Ever since this new update im having issues with my webcam freezing. I start and stop my camera and happens now all the time updated my webcam drivers, windows 10 64-bit update also. Re-installed skype webcam Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Web camera. Please can you help?
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      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hi! Please try this workaround:
      1) Open regedit.exe as administrator
      2) Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform
      3) Add a new DWORD entry and name it as EnableFrameServerMode with value 0
      4) Restart Skype

      Please let me know if it fixed your problem.
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    Elizabeth (karma: -2),
    After doing the latest update I have lost some but not all of my contacts. I have two computer using the same skype account and only the computer that I did the update on is effected. All the contacts are still there on the other one. I have tried... 1. uninstalling skype, still the same on reinstalling. 2. backing up the contacts list from the good computer and restoring onto the updated change. I have checked all settings. Both computers are running version 7.26.101. I have noticed that on the faulty computer the size of the skype program is 84.3 MB and on the one that has the complete contact list it is 380 MB.
  7. 0 -4 4
    bob sageet (karma: -4),
    donot use these fuckers its a virus and i had to reset my computer because of this enamelware programs
    1. 3 +3 0
      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hey, Bob! Do not mislead, and if you’re not an ordinary troll take a look at digital signature of downloaded Skype installer and ensure that this is a genuine file.
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    Anonymous (karma: +1),
    Hi, I use clownfish translator and it used to work with this version of skype, I recently updated skype to the latest version, but clownfish stopped working (I use the music playing thing and sometimes voice changer because it can be so funny). I deleted the latest skype and reinstalled this version, but now clownfish wont work at all :/
    The only version it works on is skype 7.16 and theyre discontinuing that version... Is there any way you can help me figure out the problem?
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      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t use ClownFish but according to their official site the Voice changer and Music player are not working any more in latest versions. This is why you may consider to use old version 7.16. In addition, instead of classic Clownfish you can use the Clownfish system wide voice changer.
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        Anonymous (karma: +1),
        What happens when version 7.16 gets discontinued? Will i still be able to call my friends?
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          Administrator (karma: +1202),
          If Skype 7.16 will be discontinued, you won’t be able to log in anymore and you’ll have to upgrade Skype to a supported version. Anyway, officially at this moment the oldest supported version is 6.14 released in early 2014 without properly support of cloud functions. On other hand, 7.16 was released about one year ago with a properly support of cloud functions. This is why I think 7.16 will be supported for a long time... but these are just my thoughts.
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          Administrator (karma: +1202),
          I’m very sorry, but I was deeply mistaken. The version 7.16 will be discontinued from March 1, 2017.
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    Anonymous (karma: +6),
    the reason i keep using 7.16 is because the newer version has "msg notification bug", the tick will not disappear even i've checked the latest msg.

    Do the latest version solved this bug?
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      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hi! As far I know there do not exist such bug in the latest versions. Anyway, if you encounter it, please let me know and provide the result of /dumpmsnp command.

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