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A new version of Skype for Windows has been released in phased rollout mode (it means that only some users will able to download it)…
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    Fu-Chia Lin (karma: 0),
    Recently I've been tested several skype versions. To the document I write at this moment, skype 7.4-7.5 between the version of the call can be stable and will NOT crash my old computer with Win XP, but there can not transfer files / images of the problem. 7.6-7.8 will crash my old computer, and the problem on transmission files . Above version 7.9, which upload the file properly, but the the computer hang & crashed WHEN users made a voice call; sometimes even worsened to even just start, or someone to pass messages when the crash. I guess the Skype team will not do a good job of memory and thread control, only the most brutal way in the deal. My God, Orz
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      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hello! For Windows XP please try to install Skype using special installer More information about Windows Installers can be found here: Skype installer for Windows.
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    Anne (karma: +1),
    Since having this update, I am unable to hear my daughter when we Skype. She uses a Windows 7 tablet computer with communication software and a speech engine as she is disabled. Her mic is working fine but Skype appears to shut it off while computer generated sound is detected.
    We used Skype successfully for a few years before this update.
    When I see her in a couple of weeks, I will be trying old versions to try to resolve the issue.
    Skype tech support suggested her Realtek driver needed reinstalling - I did this but issue remains.
    Very frustrating and Skype is virtually inaccessible now - we currently use Skype but she sends emails during the call to speak to me!
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      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hi dear Anne! I am very sorry to hear about your situation. Besides, I'm not sure I can help you, but give me a try. Can you please paste here the technical information about your conversations? During a call with your daughter, on the Skype menu bar click "Call", choose "Call Technical Info", right-click on the appeared window and choose "Copy".

      ps. Apropos, which operating system do you use and what's your Skype version?
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        Anne (karma: +1),
        Thank you for replying. The Skype version is 7.27 and I use Windows 7 - both of us have Windows 7. I will try for technical information tomorrow when we skype.
        I believe this is something new that Skype/Microsoft have done as I have seen similar problems reported in Skype Forums. They suggested reinstalling the audio driver which I had already tried with no success.
        I have also tried previous versions of skype but they no longer pick up the computer sound either.
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          Administrator (karma: +1202),
          Meanwhile, I wrote some workarounds for those cannot make calls when they are living in different countries. And after reading several comments, it seems to me that as temporary solution you should try to install the version, because the "magic" of this version allow it to work even others can not.
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    Dee (karma: +6),
    I've been having trouble with Skype after my computer upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and my Dragon Naturally Speaking software (it is version 13, I believe). Do you happen to know if this update/upgrade to Skype will fix the compatibility issues between the two programs?
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      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Hi Dee! Sorry, but I do not know anything about the compatibility between Skype and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. By the way, today was released the version and you can try to install it.
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    bogirije (karma: +65),
    When update 7.27 arrived i can't enter in newer version's of Skype it just enters but not open and stay in task menager can you fix it?
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      Administrator (karma: +1202),
      Please clarify, what you mean by "it just enters but not open". If possible provide a screenshot and more details about issue.

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