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Went live a new version of Skype for Windows for which the developers unfortunately did not provided any changelog (well, except the usual “General fixes and improvements”)…
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    Almin (karma: +9),
    I don't know why but these updates only bring bug fixes and improvements it's been a while since they changed a design a little bit i hope in next update there is something new with design or new option + fixes and some other improvements.
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    Antony (karma: +12),
    Makes me squirm and laugh the devs create all these updates for what reason ? Just to get a thrill or buzz theres never any changes I wanna see a buzz feature liek Yahoo messenger had or hows about save chat log to a file wake up devs listen to the users FFS or skype will go same way as yapoo
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      Administrator (karma: +1194),
      Well, the biggest problem is that developers do not provide a changelog. I believe that each version comes out for a reason even if “it’s not visible” or they don’t write about it (for example, look at which officially includes only “Quality improvements and general fixes” but actually, among other things, it fixes the CVE-2017-9948 vulnerability).
    2. 2 +2 0
      Dave (karma: +4),
      Antony is quite right!.. Seems a new release almost every week, however never anything new or exciting!... It's 2017 and I still can't change the colour of the font!
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        Administrator (karma: +1194),
        Hi! I am certainly not sure, but I do not believe that developers are releasing new versions without any reason. I suppose that a lot of work is done under the hood and most users do not notice it (for example, upgrading audio codec from SVOPC to SILK then to NGC, or deploying security and bugfix patches).

        Regarding your wish, you need reach out to developers and convince them that this is a useful feature. They often fulfill the users’ wishes, so I do not see any problems to fulfill another one.
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    Ryan (karma: +1),
    I was appearing offline on some of my contacts buy appearing online to others.
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      Administrator (karma: +1194),
      I think your issue is related to this: Not receiving messages on Skype.
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    Sudarmani (karma: +3),
    My skype was appearing offline on some of my contacts buy appearing online to others.
    I cant receive the messages
    1. 1 +1 0
      Administrator (karma: +1194),
      Hi! Perhaps your problem is caused by this bug, but if still occurs, look here: Not receiving messages on Skype.

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