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Cannot edit Skype profile due to incorrect password

When you try to edit your Skype profile on the official website, for safety you must enter the password again, and even though the password is correct, you receive the following error:
Oops, that wasn’t the right password. Try again.
Oops, that wasn’t the right password. Try again.

First of all it should be noted that the most likely your password is all right. The fact is that if you use a Microsoft account, even if you enter the correct password when you edit a profile on page, you will get the above-mentioned error.

It turns out that the system does not recognize the correct password due to the fact that only passwords from Skype accounts are supported on that page. Of course, Microsoft accounts support will be added in the future, but what to do if you urgently need to change your email address or other data?

How to edit your profile

I can be wrong, but it seems the only method of editing the data of your Skype profile, is to use the built-in form in Skype applications. For example, in Skype for Windows, you can open the edit profile form as follows:
  1. In the menu bar, click the item “Skype”
  2. Mouse over the item “Profile”
  3. Select “Edit Your Profile”
  4. To show all details, click on the link “Show full profile”.

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