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Today, Skype for Windows is one of the best and most popular application for the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 which is designed to communicate over the Internet using text, voice and video…
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Windows 7/8/10

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    Great information about some of the features of Skype.
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    Isaiah Amankwa,
    how do i connect my phone's sKYPE to my PC
    1. 1 +1 0
      Hi! Just use the same Skype login and password on PC and smarphone.
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    sharjeel khan,
    hi i am new acount make canyou plz
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      Hi! Not sure that I understood you correctly, but here is how you can create a Skype account.
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    iam having window XP 2002, SP 3,with mozilla fire box browser. which version of SKYPE is compatible for download
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      Hi! Be sure to install Internet Explorer 8, then you can use latest version of Skype.
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    I installed skype for my desktop but getting following is showing skype icon but giving following message "The Procedure entry point Get Logical Processor Indormation could not be located in the dynamic link Library KERNEL32.DLL...i HAVE DOWNLOADED THIS FILE kERNEL32.DLL and pasted as instructed but still getting same message....Its very Urgent as I am having Interview at Skype so please Help.

    1. 2 +1 1
      Hi! You have not provided any details about your system and Skype version therefore it is difficult to give an accurate answer. Anyway, if you use Windows XP, you should update it to Service Pack 3.
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    hi iam having same problem as mentioedn above
    i have windows xp
    pl help
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    Hi from South Africa
    For 4 weeks now I have unable to sign-on to my Skype account. I have tried creating new e-mail address ,passwords and user-names with out success. I have uninstalled Skype and reinstalled it-even different versions.
    I am using the web-version which is Ok for chats but even after downloading the plug-in , my webcam won't work.
    I sincerely hope that you can advise me on what to do. Thank you.
    1. 0 0 0
      Sorry- I neglected to mention that I am using Windows 7 and IE 11.

    2. 0 0 0
      Hello dear Stuart! Please provide the exact error message while trying to log in to Skype for Windows using the same credentials that allow you to log in without any problems to Skype for Web. Also, using Internet Explorer check access to Skype and paste here the report’s URL.
      1. 0 0 0
        message reads
        Sorry we did not recognise your sign-in details. Please check you signin name and password and try again.

        When using your facility to check the connection the only error is
        Computer to long connects to server.
        I am signing in on and one of the user names is s***1 . Password s***1.
        This works on the web version. I have also tried creating new accounts and passwords without success.
        Many thanks for your reply. I am quite desperate. Regards Stuart.
        1. 1 +1 0
          Hi! First of all, please do not share your login credentials. Never! With no one! Even the official support staff does not require this data.

          Well, about your error: seems your PC was temporary blocked by Skype due to suspicious activity. In order to solve this issue, you should contact official Skype Support and tell them about your problem. In case you don’t know how to contact Skype Support, please read this article.
          1. 0 0 0
            Good morning my time. Thank you for your reply. You are quite correct about divulging sign-on details. However, it being after midnight last night and also being very frustrated over the last 5 weeks I am prepared to take the risk.
            I will follow up on your suggestions for which I thank you.
            1. 0 0 0
              Afterwards please let me know if your issue was resolved and how you did it.
              1. 0 0 0
                I am now in touch via e-mail with Microsoft/Skype. First advice was exactly the same as on site to rest password. now suggestion is to chat to Chat Rep. but I have to sign on to do that. not very useful advice yet. I will keep in touch.
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    On I see, that there are also special versions for Win XP/Vista. Do you plan to provide also old versions of these?
    1. 0 0 0
      Hi! I started downloading and “collecting” SkypeSetupFullXp.exe installers from (that should be one of first public SkypeSetupFullXp.exe versions). However, since nobody requested these installers I do not upload them to server. Please, let me ask you, why do you ask about it?
      1. 1 +1 0
        I just asked for the case I need an old version for one of my XP machines.
        1. 0 -1 1
          Well, in this case just let me know once you need an old version of SkypeSetupFullXp.exe.
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    Nguyen Nam viet,
    why my skype can't sended message
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      Please describe the problem in more detail and specify the result of /dumpmsnp command.
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    ali yazdan,
    Skype need no pain no gain

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