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Went live another version of Skype for Windows (by the way, the third one this month). The only thing that I was able to notice in Skype for Windows is new design of some interface elements and pop-ups (for example, to see the new changes, open the language editor: Skype → Tools → Change Language → Edit Language File)…
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File size:

54.8 MB

Operating system:

Windows XP/Vista

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5 123


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    Hi, I always automatically updated SkypeSetupFullXp.exe using the following official links
    Last version I've downloaded is, now links doesn't work, have you new official links always valid for the last version? thanks.
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      It seems the latest version of Skype for Windows XP and Vista can be downloaded only if browser is running under one of these operating systems. Thus, using Windows 10 you cannot download it using specified URLs, but you can download it directly via or download it from this blog.
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        Ok, thanks.
        If you are interested in portables and repacks, let me know, a new development/test board is available.
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    Hi, I had been using older version of skype because that the only version that worked on my old vista laptop. I've been trying to install the newer version but it keeps giving me the blank login page. I tried the /legacylogin thing but it won't work. Is there anything that I could do to make the newer skype work again in my laptop? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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      Hi! The parameter /legacylogin is not supported for a long time. To fix your issue, please read these articles: Blank white screen in Skype for Windows and JavaScript required to sign in to Skype.
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    My version of RtmCodecs.dll is 2001KB .... not the 592KB that is listed here.
    Any way I can get the smaller file?

    My Skype has not worked for 3 weeks now after Skype forced an update...
    People can hear my voice, but I am not able to hear anything. Not even ringing.
    If I remove RtmCodecs.dll, then at least Echo is working.... but Skype gives error message when it starts, saying "A problem was found.... Download Skype"

    Running Vista with Skype

    Thank you for your website and your efforts!!!
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      Hi! Please note that the changelog reflects only what changes were made. For example, «RtmCodecs.dll [-592KB]» means that the file became less by 592KB.

      If I correctly understood, you were able to fix the error, but if you have questions, please see here or continue discussion here.
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    Keep up the good work , thank you . Pat
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    Can you help me. I have a problem and was necessary preinstal window XP. Now I can`t login skype. Write me messanger "Can you help me. I have a problem and it was necessary preinstal window XP. Now I can`t login skype. In skype Write me messanger "there was a problem signing in to skype as your version of internet explorer is currently out of date. Update Internet Explorer ""
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    Hello, I have an XP laptop that I don't want to throw away. I dowmloaded skype7.5 and I refreshed explorer 8, which I had already. But the result is the same. I input the password and I get the message "skype can't connect." I also tried to sign in with a microsoft account, and I get the same result. Can anyone help further?
    thank you very much
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      Hi! Please try to install and let me know if it works for you.

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